Hey @John
You did an
awesome job

With peer-to-peer recognition, never let great work slip past whether it’s cross-team, across departments, or sometimes your entire organization.

Three steps to get started with
peer-to-peer recognition

Step 1

Add EngageWith
to Slack or Microsoft Teams

EngageWith is purpose-built for Slack and Microsoft Teams. Install the app from the respective app directory or click ‘Add EngageWith’ from the top of this page.

Step 2

Give Kudos and Shoutouts

Go beyond fist bumps and high fives. Acknowledge and appreciate your co-workers in the channel of your choice with Kudos or Shoutouts.

Step 3

Spread happy vibes

Office? Home Office? Or a bit of both? Appreciate your people, keep them motivated, and drive positivity in everyday work.

Kick-start a cycle of

When you appreciate your peers publicly, they’re far more likely to extend this to someone else in your team. Thus, a cycle of recognition is born.

Start building a culture
of appreciation

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