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Better insights.
Fewer meetings.

Send an instant and personal 1v1 Pulse. Get thoughtful and timely feedback on what your people think or feel. All inside Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Three simple steps to get started

Step 1

Send a Pulse

Because, 1v1 meetings don’t have to be in real-time, at least not always.

Step 2

Sync-up with who you want to

Catch-up with your peers, attendees, managers anytime, anywhere by encouraging them to participate and answer your Pulse.

Step 3

Get answers + Deeper insights

Analyze challenges, objectives and identify key improvement areas. Enact on the feedback provided by your people and build a healthy workplace culture.

Fast, fun, and super-simple

Get a head start with pre-built templates

Choose from 45+ pre-defined templates and get to know your team better, instantly.

Personalize your Pulse for better results

Get accurate and honest answers, faster. Use ‘@’ mentions to directly notify your teammates inside Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Build a people first culture

Collect feedback, analyze insights, and enact on them. Make sure your people feel their voices are heard.

10x responses right inside Slack & Microsoft Teams

Unlike long, boring surveys, EngageWith Pulse gives you a quick yet exceptional experience without disrupting the workflow. Meaning, your people can reply and get back to what they were doing in no time.

Auto-schedule your periodic Pulse

Keeping a tab on your workforce means only one thing - to check in frequently and consistently. EngageWith automates periodic check-ins so you can ensure everyone in your team is empowered to express their opinion individually.

Instant answers minus the clutter

All the responses are captured and stored right inside Slack and Microsoft Teams. No more cluttered spreadsheets or lengthy documents.

Get actionable insights with 1v1 meeting

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