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Do you love playing crossword puzzles?

Because, I certainly do! I often open up magazines to check if there’s an unsolved puzzle.

Word Search is a fresh, new game format inspired by Team Trivia’s love for crossword puzzles.

But this isn’t like every other crossword puzzle where you simply locate a list of words. Nope!

Word Search puts both your vocabulary and your speed to the test. There are dozens of categories to play and hundreds of puzzles to choose from. The faster you find words in the square, the more points you can win.

This game is bound to bring your remote team together because of its competitive nature. Some of my colleagues are so rad at this that they now like to by the name of Wordmasters!

Go ahead, try out Word Search today.

But hey, bear in mind, these games heat up a lot every now and then.
Don’t break your keys in a hurry to type in some words!

How to start a game of Word Search ⤵️

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