Why We Built Trivia – A Tool to Overcome Remote Isolation

With remote work becoming the default, team culture is more important than ever for morale, productivity, and a sense of connection.

Working remotely comes with a lot of benefits: you’re location-independent, enjoy flexible work hours, and fewer distractions. But when your team is working remotely, it’s very easy to slip into isolation, without anyone noticing.

How did we eliminate isolation in our remote team?

At Springworks (our company), we moved to WFH from mid-March and announced our remote-first policy on May 6th. We’ve been since optimizing our home offices and Slack workspace for productivity and testing many team-building activities.

There was a BIG challenge in front of us: How to keep our team-spirit high and team camaraderie intact.

So we started fun virtual activities every day playing Pictionary using Zoom’s whiteboard and quizzes. We saw lots of traction with Quizzes, but they required fixing up a timeslot, downloading a separate app, and conducting the quiz over a Zoom call.

We did some crazy brainstorming on the topic and eventually came up with the following idea: To create a Slack app (Slack is our communication tool of choice) that’d bring Social & Fun right back to our workspace. Yes, you read that right!

Enter – Trivia

Trivia virtually allows teams within a Slack workspace to play 1000s of quizzes right inside Slack!


What’s the Goal of Trivia?

As more and more companies are shifting to become fully-remote or remote-first organizations, we would like all remote teams to have fun at work.

Now the mental well-being of a team, especially when working remotely, is important and well worth the time, efforts, and expense.

At Springworks, we play Trivia every day and are surprised by the positive effects it has brought to our team. People really enjoy playing quizzes with their colleagues and feel more productive. 

Trivia let the distributed teams come together to play and engaged at work!

With Trivia’s suite of quizzes, you can bring Social & Fun back to your workspace (right inside Slack) even while working remotely. 

Here are some Quick Features:

Easy to launch: Trivia quizzes are fun, easy to launch, and provide a quick 5-minute break to your workday.

MCQs – Multiple choice questions with four options, each across topics like science, tech, business, movies, entertainment, and even Maths and Grammar. Look out for the GoT, The Office, and Harry Potter quizzes as well. 😍

Seamless – Play with your team anytime, anywhere, right on top of Slack.

Multiple game types – for a variety of quizzes.

Leaderboards – track results real-time along with final podium standings showcased at the end.

How Does It Work?

Add Trivia to Slack

First, add our app Trivia to your Slack Workspace.

Create a channel like #random or #quiz-buddies for non-work conversation and add all the team members!

Run Trivia into the channel

Run the trivia quizzes by typing “/Trivia” slash command.

And then, a pop-up window will appear where you can select the channel and number of questions. You can select up to 5 categories for the quiz, and click send.

And all the channel members will get the notification that the game will be starting in X seconds. People can also see the quiz category, the total number of questions, and a few instructions for the participants.

Start the Quiz

And start the quiz, participants can now start answering the questions. You can also check who answered correctly.

In the thread, you can see the history of all the questions.

And once all the questions are over, you’ll get podium results. 

Watch this video to learn how it works quickly:

 Now it’s Over to you!

We believe that Trivia is beneficial for remote teams. The idea was to prevent people from slipping into remote isolation.

If your workplace is on Slack, you should try out Trivia too! 

Check out Trivia for MS Teams here!

Think this is cool? Try it out. It’s free for the first Ten quizzes and 7 days trial included. 😊

There are lots of features that will be coming in the next versions. We look forward to hearing from you on what features you’d like to see next!

Springworks Team

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