Why have a verified professional profile on the Blockchain?

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“Knowledge is the intellectual manipulation of carefully verified observation.” — Sigmund Freud, a pioneer of psychology and dialogue.

Freud is considered one of the foremost thinkers of his time. His theories have governed and shaped the path of modern psychology. He believed in the power of knowledge and would always propose interesting verifying techniques to prove his theories.

Verifying anything is a big task. We are living in the age of digital super-connectivity and information abundance. We can have any information at our fingertips these days. It is empowering, yet we suffer from the problem of fake information.

Fake information is so prevalent and powerful that it is weaponized to win elections. Fake news, fake information, fake degrees, and fake profiles; all exist because it’s easy to create it. The fact that platforms which help share and promote information have no standards for information authenticity doesn’t help the cause.

Which leads us to our big question…

Why have a verified profile in the first place?

Verification is something the industry has been struggling with, especially for professional profiles. Some of the biggest online professional profile platforms like LinkedIn, Naukri and Monster have limited resources in place to verify the information provided.

This means that users can have any number of career experiences and skills on our LinkedIn profile; change or delete any information at will. The fact that this information can be manipulated and is not permanent poses a serious question on the authenticity of the information.

At SpringRole, we believe that a professional profile is about truly and really portraying the authentic career story of an individual. The story of their professional life. Life as a career. The capacity to describe a career is empowering.

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“Trust, but verify.” — A Russian proverb made mainstream by President Ronald Reagon while contesting international nuclear disarmament with the then Soviet Union.

While building a team or working with anyone, the first and foremost aspect necessary is ‘trust.’ With any job, we have to trust the person that she/he would be able to do it. We need to know that we can trust the person with information – information about our team, our business, and our clients/users.

It is imperative. Trust is built and not acquired.

And to build a platform which has trustworthy profiles takes a lot of effort.

So, how can we have a #VerifiedProfessionalProfile?

There are two elements to any verified information.

1. The first step is to check the information.

2. And once checked, it has to be permanent and immutable.

We cannot have any verified information without documenting it in a manner which keeps it unchangeable for future use. It is the same with a professional profile.

How to verify professional profiles?

The only way to verify any information in a profile is to double-check it. Cross-checking the information with the concerned authority is the only way to make sure the information is accurate.

Education history could be verified by checking the records of the certifying authority. Career experiences could be verified with the organization where the individual worked. And skills could be verified by people in authority and reputation who worked with the individual.

It takes time to get all these verified and the reason we have built a system to accelerate the process at SpringRole. You can read about how we get the profiles verified with greater speed and efficiency here.

How to keep information from being changed in the future?

Enter Blockchain. The technology has changed the way we store and document information or data. Using blockchain, we can store any data in a pool of distributed ledger, which makes changing any information once written to the blockchain pretty much impossible.

We, at SpringRole, use blockchain to store the verified profiles. Once the career information is written to the blockchain, the information about a profile is immutable.

This makes sure that the platform only has verified profiles. And in turn, provides a level of trust for anyone coming to the platform finding people to work with.

Over time, we believe that verified profiles will become industry standard and that people would be better equipped to showcase their expertise and career with SpringRole.

About SpringRole

SpringRole is enabling everyone’s #VerifiedProfessionalProfile on the Blockchain. It is a decentralized attestation-based professional network platform powered by the blockchain.

SpringRole is the platform where people can view, share, and get attestations on their professional profile, thereby creating a verified resume that they can share and use. The organizations themselves verify a user’s educational qualifications and work experience, which is written directly to the blockchain. To assess a user’s skill set, SpringRole has a system of weighted endorsements that let users objectively look at people’s profiles and evaluate their skill level.

Learn More

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