When team SpringRole went to the land of five rivers to scout for talented interns

Our team had a phenomenal experience when they went to Lovely Professional University, Punjab to recruit interns for our team. Here’s the What, Why, and How of our recruitment experience.

(from L-R) Suraj Rawat, Anshaj Goel and Rahul Singh from Team SpringRole along with the LPU placement team

Our team comprising of Suraj Rawat, Anshaj Goel and Rahul Singh made a trip to Lovely Professional University in Punjab two weeks back for a recruitment drive.

We were looking for Software Engineering interns who are willing to learn and work on cutting-edge technologies like Blockchain, Machine Learning and React.

The overarching theme for our interviews is to check for these candidates’s stronghold on basic programming concepts. We also evaluate whether they have in-depth knowledge of the topics and have superior soft skills along.

What does the interview team at SpringRole look for while recruiting candidates?

At SpringRole, here are a few pointers on which we judge candidates for internship roles.

Does the candidate have in-depth knowledge of the topics that they claim to know?

Does she go beyond the scope of textbooks and/or what the college mandates them to do?

Have they tried their hands on multiple technologies to figure out for themselves what the correct fit is?

Do they have clarity of thought and are they able to communicate this well under pressure?

The Placement experience at the institute

The team had a superlative experience at the institute. The management went out of its way to help organize and streamline the process.

The experience starting from the arrival at Amritsar Airport until our departure was fantastic. Institute officials were so cooperative and supportive.

“The institution had trained candidates on soft skills and common interview practices, and the students were well-dressed and disciplined.”

The first round of interviews were done by the three members individually to filter the good candidates faster. The second round was conducted with all three interviewers as a panel with emphasis on testing the in-depth knowledge and aptitude of the candidate.

At one point in time, our team realized that we won’t be able to interview all of the candidates in the limited time we had. The institute postponed our team’s flight tickets to accommodate this request in fairness to all candidates.

After the gruelling recruitment process that lasted through the night, the team was able to select five candidates who’d join the SpringRole family.

And then it was time to visit some historical places in the city of Amritsar!

The team at Golden Temple in Amritsar
at Jallianwala Bagh

Team SpringRole thanks the placement team at Lovely Professional University for their warm hospitality and efficient processes.

About Internship at SpringRole

We recently increased stipend for internship positions at SpringRole to 166% of what we were paying till now! 🚀

👉🏻 Here’s the rationale behind why we increased stipend for interns at SpringRole to 20K/month ⤵️

1. Interns at SpringRole don’t do grunt work. They work on live projects and contribute to the ongoing product cycle. While they’re still receiving more from us in terms of learning, it’s imperative they too are compensated well. 👍🏻

2. Our old stipend of 12K/month took care of lodging in Bengaluru and the office provides lunch and snacks as well. An extra 8K/month ensures the interns don’t have to depend on anyone else for other misc. (read: fun) expenses.

3. Of course, this helps ease out some of the concerns that the slightly better candidates have about the stipend (feedback from previous internship drives).

Folks love an internship at SpringRole. Here’s why:

✅ One reason is that the learning curve here is excellent.

✅ They all work on live projects and contribute to a product we are building at any given point in time.

✅ They work on some of the leading technologies — Blockchain, AI, and Machine Learning.

✅ It’s fun! Great work timings, snacks, quarterly team outings and more.

We’re looking to hire interns, for tech roles at our Bangalore office. We are looking for at least 6 months of commitment (max. of 10 months).

If you know someone who fits, send this article their way.

Or apply here:https://www.springrecruit.com/applynow/SpringRole6691

If you are an institute looking to engage with us, you can reach out to one of these team members on LinkedIn. 1. Kartik M, CEO 2. Jatin S, Talent Maverick3. Abhash K, Head of Community

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