When SpringRole visited the ‘Manchester of South India’ for a recruitment drive

A weekend spent talking to prospective candidates at SIET, witnessing a 112 ft tall bust of Shiva at Isha Yoga Centre and visiting Marudhamalai Temple.

From left Bhavesh Pai, Risitesh Biswal and Anusha Bhat at Isha Yoga Centre.

Coimbatore is called the Manchester of South India, because of its massive textile industry fed by the vast cotton fields surrounding it.

Our team comprising of Risitesh Biswal, Anusha Bhat and Bhavesh Pai made a trip to Coimbatore last weekend to visit the campus of SIET (Sri Shakti Institute of Engineering and Technology) for a recruitment drive.

(pic on the right, from L-R) Risitesh Biswal, Anusha Bhat and Bhavesh Pai

The recruitment drive was focused on hiring for multiple open positions in our team, including Machine Learning, PHP, Node JS, Frontend, and Android engineers.

Our team members reported a superlative experience at the institute throughout the recruitment process. The communication was on-point, the hospitality was terrific, and the response from the students outstanding.

We felt that SIET has taken efforts to understand the industry requirements and had trained the students before the drive. The students knew what to expect from us during the recruitment drive and were well prepared for it.

The recruitment process we followed included four rounds.

We had two online tests which were conducted by the faculty (one Multiple Choice Questionnaire and one programming test) and two face-to-face interviews. The first interview was focused on the concepts, program evaluation, and evaluated overall confidence of the candidate. The second interview discussed data structures, problem-solving and logical puzzles.

The quality delivered by the candidates was impressive, and we were hard-pressed to select the ones who would join us.

Selected candidates from the recruitment drive

All in all, Anusha, Risitesh and Bhavesh rated the whole engagement highly.

Time for some fun!

The recruitment went well; the students were selected and offered positions. And now, it was time to head to some of the most iconic sites in India.

Adiyogi Shiva statue, the world’s largest bust carving
Marudhamalai Temple: a 12th-century hill temple built by Tamil kings during Sangam period as shown in Purananuru is dedicated to Hindu god Murugan

About Internship at SpringRole

We recently increased stipend for internship positions at SpringRole to 166% of what we were paying till now! 🚀

👉🏻 Here’s the rationale behind why we increased stipend for interns at SpringRole to 20K/month ⤵️

1. Interns at SpringRole don’t do grunt work. They work on live projects and contribute to the ongoing product cycle. While they’re still receiving more from us in terms of learning, it’s imperative they too are compensated well. 👍🏻

2. Our old stipend of 12K/month took care of lodging in Bengaluru and the office provides lunch and snacks as well. An extra 8K/month ensures the interns don’t have to depend on anyone else for other misc. (read: fun) expenses.

3. Of course, this helps ease out some of the concerns that the slightly better candidates have about the stipend (feedback from previous internship drives).

Folks love an internship at SpringRole. Here’s why:

✅ One reason is that the learning curve here is excellent.

✅ They all work on live projects and contribute to a product we are building at any given point in time.

✅ They work on some of the leading technologies — Blockchain, AI, and Machine Learning.

✅ It’s fun! Great work timings, snacks, quarterly team outings and more.

We’re looking to hire interns, for tech roles at our Bangalore office. We are looking for at least 6 months of commitment (max. of 10 months).

If you know someone who fits, send this article their way.

Or apply here: https://www.springrecruit.com/applynow/SpringRole6691

If you are an institute looking to engage with us, you can reach out to one of these team members on LinkedIn. 1. Kartik M, CEO 2. Jatin S, Talent Maverick 3. Abhash K, Head of Community

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