Welcoming Swaroop Hegde to our Advisory Board

We are very excited to announce that the CEO and Co-Founder of Dotaprohub, Swaroop Hegde has joined the SpringRole advisory board. Dotaprohub was acquired by Unikrn, who recently began their ICO and have already collected, as of writing, over $30 million in funds.

Why is Swaroop a perfect fit for us?

SpringRole is looking to revolutionize the reputation space by integrating blockchain technology. In order to do this, we need people who are not only extremely creative but also have the gumption to execute their ideas on the advisory board. Swaroop fits that bill completely.

“Kartik and I have known each other for close to a decade now. I had founded this group Linux Users Group, Manipal. Kartik started getting involved later and that’s when we started to get to know each other.

I am really excited to come on boards as an advisor for SpringRole. The idea of building a reputation system and giving honest endorsements via the blockchain technology is intriguing. What we have here is something that can truly revolutionize a space that has been bogged down by dishonesty and politics. I personally cannot wait to see what all we can accomplish together.” — Swaroop Hegde

About Swaroop

In January 2006, he co-founded and bootstrapped Racked Hosting which was one of the pioneers in the web hosting/streaming space.

In December of 2008, he built “Flittr”, a one of a kind product which brought filtering, groups and IM support to Twitter. It went on to be featured in Tech Crunch, New York Times, CNN and Huffington Post.

From 2011 to 2015, Swaroop was the CEO of Atticous, which he co-founded as well. Atticous was one of the 10 companies chosen for funding by one of the world’s top B2B accelerators, Tech Wildcatters. Atticous provided a platform which enabled sellers to sell and build their brands and helped buyers discover those brands and buy high-quality products.

In 2014 Swaroop co-founded “Dotaprohub”, an e-sports company which did analysis for the online competitive game DOTA 2. Dotaprohub was eventually acquired by “Unikrn” in 2015 and he went on to manage the product and engineering team at their Seattle headquarters before moving on to other ventures.

Unikrn is currently having its ICO which started on 22nd September and will end on 22nd October. As of writing, they have already collected over $30 Million in funds. The Unikrn token UnikoinGold is well poised to become the universal token for e-sports and gaming. The ICO has been backed by several high-profile investors like billionaire Mark Cuban, Ashton Kutcher and Panera Capital.

May 2017 onwards Swaroop has been working with “Evensi”, an event discovery platform, in their technology team.

Along with these entrepreneurial ventures, Swaroop has regularly acted as an advisor for tech companies based both in US and Indian markets.

“It really is an honour to have someone as accomplished as Swaroop on board as an advisor. His track record in building technology companies speak for themselves. We know that he is going to enrich the SpringRole experience even further by bringing in his expertise.” — Kartik Mandaville

Swaroop’s LinkedIn: LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/swaroophegde/

Our Mission

SpringRole is the first online reputation network powered by artificial intelligence and the blockchain technology. Our mission is simple: To make sure that people give endorsements which are truly valuable and meaningful and to help employers, from around the world, to find highly qualified people in their space based on their endorsements and reputation. Read draft Whitepaper: here.

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