Welcoming Naman Sarawagi to our Advisory Board

We are glad to welcome Naman, the founder of FindYogi.com, to our board of advisors. It is absolutely amazing to have someone of Naman’s caliber as one of our advisors.

Naman Sarawagi

The success of any company lies in how well they understand their users. Empathizing and putting yourself in the user’s shoes is perhaps the most important thing that lets you create products that your users love. Often, companies do not get their audience and build products that are not congruent to their needs and wants. Naman on the other hand is a master of understanding this and has used his expertise time and again to create start ups and turn them into successful ventures.

“Finding the right people to work with is critical for the success of any project. It’s unfair to expect that an interviewer will find out everything about a candidate over a 2-hour meeting. SpringRole’s potential to bring collaboration at the core of skill set attestation is exciting. I have known Kartik for 7 years now, his passion towards solving hard problems is infectious. The initial team and the set of advisors he has gathered looks poised to make an honest system that is a win-win-win for customers, collaborators and investors.” — Naman

Naman helped build Freecharge.in from an idea to its first 100k users. He was single-handedly handling the product, marketing and technology. On April 2015, Snapdeal, an Indian e-Commerce site, acquired Freecharge for ~$450 million, one of the biggest acquisitions in Indian e-commerce sectors.

Naman then moved onto Zipdial, where he was one of the early members. He once again handled product and marketing before he moved on. Zipdial is a “missed call” marketing platform and was eventually acquired by Twitter for $30 million.

In September 2012, he founded FindYogi, a shopping recommendation platform that helps consumers make better informed decisions. FindYogi was recently acquired by Way2Online.

“Many ICOs forget the one thing that they shouldn’t ever forget about: the user’s needs. Our goal in SpringRole is to create a system which can be used by anyone and everyone effortlessly. In order to make that happen, it is absolutely essential to have someone like Naman on-board. Very few people have his keen sense of knowing what the audience wants. It really isn’t a surprise that the two start-ups that he worked with got multi-million dollar acquisitions. We can’t wait to work with him!” — Kartik

Read more about Naman on LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/namansr/

You can keep in touch with SpringRole by joining our telegram group.

Draft Whitepaper: here.

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