Welcoming Alex Waters to our Advisory Board

SpringRole is delighted to welcome Alex Waters, co-founder and head of ELM Labs, on board as an advisor. Alex has been an active member and entrepreneur in the Bitcoin and Blockchain ecosystem since its inception.

Why we chose Alex?

With Blockchain technology being at a nascent stage, it is important to have someone with a very sound understanding of the intricacies involved for us to leverage the most out of it. Having advisors like Alex who possess subject matter expertise that he does, will push us forward in this field. It isn’t everyday that you meet someone who has contributed to the Bitcoin core code!

Moreover, Alex is an entrepreneur himself, having been involved in the creation of various companies apart from his own as well. We believe that his presence on our advisory board will prove to be indispensable in developing the company and product.

More about Alex

Alex Waters

Alex Waters has a background in Software Engineering and Management and has worked on the Bitcoin core development open source project. He has since worked in several managerial roles with tech and fintech companies, including BitInstant, itBit, and Project PAI.

Alex’s past projects include co-founding and serving as CEO for Coin.co, a bitcoin payments company, as well as creating Coin Apex, one of the first digital currency and blockchain research organisations.

Currently, Alex serves as an advisor to businesses, journalists, attorneys and others in the cryptocurrency space, both individually and through his tech consultancy, ELM Labs (elm.nyc). He has committed himself to building and designing technology that creates and drives positive global impact.

Alex on SpringRole

“I’m thrilled to be working with SpringRole as an advisor. I’ve always believed that blockchains are the future, and it excites me to see how SpringRole can leverage it to fulfil their vision.”—Alex

Kartik on Alex

“I am absolutely delighted to have Alex on our advisory board. His varied experience with Bitcoin, technology and entrepreneurship will be invaluable to SpringRole, and will help us develop our product into the best version of it possible.”—Kartik

Alex can be found on Twitter, LinkedIn and on Wikipedia.

Our Mission

SpringRole is the first online reputation network powered by artificial intelligence and the blockchain technology. Our mission is simple: To make sure that people give endorsements which are truly valuable and meaningful and to help employers, from around the world, to find highly qualified people in their space based on their endorsements and reputation. You can read this article here to find a more in-depth explanation of what SpringRole can do.

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