Trivia’s Christmas Specials: Collaborate and Celebrate Christmas together with your Remote Teams

Trivia Christmas

“Ending something on a high” is a well-known phrase used commonly in our colloquium. 

What about starting something on a high and ending it even better? 

That’s something hitherto unheard of, right?

But that’s what we’ve achieved with Trivia’s Christmas special quiz. This year, we’re bringing the celebrations to your remote teams, much earlier you can imagine!

Christmas special Trivia: Crafted for celebrations

This is the first-ever Christmas at Trivia. So we dreamt of kick-starting this holiday season with a bang! Last year when Trivia was still under ideation, we all remember celebrating this special occasion in our office. 

A year on and an era of remote work, things have changed rather drastically. So to make this carnival more feasible and accessible for your remote teams, we build Christmas special Trivia questions. 

Our teams spent days carefully hand-picking these questions that not only make your teams involved but also ensure to bring back the festival camaraderie even while working from your living rooms. 

Upgrade your team’s Christmas IQ

Of all the holiday-themed party games out there, Trivia is perhaps best for teams to bring back the Christmas spirit. That’s because these questions challenge your teams not just to recall minute enjoyments they’ve had since childhood but also brings back the nostalgic traditions that hold fond places in everyone’s hearts. 

Few sample questions include “In which ocean is Christmas Island located?, Who wrote Jingle Bells?” etc. 

Kudos to your teams, they now have the advantage to break the normalcy and celebrate the holiday season right from their living rooms. 

It’s time to test your Christmas IQ with your teams. 

Let the celebrations begin! 

Merry Christmas and Happy new year! 

Ready to bring your remote team together?

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