Trivia V12 Updates

Trivia 12.0 – a closer look at the cool new things we added!

Alright, first things first – Trivia is celebrating its very first birthday this month. Yay!

Twelve months of Trivia, and we’re already on our way towards the release of its 12th major version. (Hey, no, this wasn’t pre-intended)

Just like any other, this is yet another feature-packed release of Trivia. Many nifty upgrades and handy features have been added – all for you to have fun and socialize with your team

Let us check them out in detail one by one. Starting with:

Adding more meaning to your engagements through analytics! 

It all started with this idea – “what if we can quantify and present your engagement to you in the form of numbers”? 

And here you go. 

For the first time, we’re bringing analytics in Trivia, and we’re super-excited about it.

The focus is to dive deeper into the actual benefits of gathering your team on Trivia and playing it together. 

Now you can get all the information and statistics of the total number of games played, minutes spent together, engagement rate. And wait, this is just the beginning. You will find a lot more improvements and exciting updates in this space in the future. 

Trivia analytics

Meet our all-new Dashboard

The usual suspect, I believe. 

We felt the current Dashboard needed a bigger update, keeping in mind the scope of the new features we’re adding almost every month. 

As a result, we now offer a completely revamped Dashboard, which focuses more on things’ aesthetic and intuitive side. 

The best part? We’ve made it very comprehensive: all information you will need will be right where you want them to be – from engagement analytics to plan details, channels where Trivia is played, upcoming schedules, and more.

Take a look for yourself: 

Trivia dashboard

Revamped Leaderboards: (available only to Standard/Pro users)

This is another area where we’ve made a significant jump forward. 

The idea is simple – we want you to celebrate your winners. Now you can get a better understanding of where individuals rank based on their scores.

You can also filter the standings based on the channel Trivia is played or the timeframe – say a past week, month, or all-time. 

Interesting, isn’t it?

Trivia leaderboards

Changes to the point calculation

To add a bit of energy and avoid tie-breakers, we’ve made some significant updates to the point calculator. Here’s how it works:

(a) Faster correct answers get more points – Bring out the inner Flash in you, and depending on how quick you’re, you’ll be awarded points ranging from 50 to 100. (Beware Google lovers). 

(b) Updates to the negative point system – You’ll now be deducted 50 points flat for every wrong answer, instead of -1 previously.  

This is pretty much it for now. 

In case if we’ve missed out on any feature that you’d love to see in Trivia, do let us know in the comments below. 

Here’s to a month of building greater bonds and having fun with your team

Happy team building. 

Prasanna Venkatesh

Product Marketer at Springworks.

About me:
A passionate marketer with 5+ years of experience obsessed with copywriting, content strategy, product positioning, and messaging. Preferences - Marketing. Chelsea. Cosmos. In that order...

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