Trivia’s Leaderboard: Keep your teams motivated, competitive, and engaged

Trivia's Leaderboard

Motivation is what gets your teams started. Habit is what keeps them going.

Well, first things first: Leaderboards are fun! Every time an individual sees their name at the top of the chart, it gives them a special feeling and a sense of achievement. 

When done right, Leaderboards can get more prominent and powerful by promoting teams to do their best.

Without such little healthy competition, friendly banters, and inside jokes, your remote work can get lonely, aloof, and pretty dull. 

How to deliver better engagements using Leaderboards?

Foster competitions

The satisfaction of being at the top of the table is a unique experience. It only results in one thing – to ensure they reach the summit, one more time. 

Trivia’s auto-calculated leaderboards grades the individuals based on their performance in games and ranks them accordingly. It’s just like a classic table-standing where the best performer is placed on top. 

An unchanged leaderboard, by no means a good indication for happy teams. By deploying Trivia frequently, you can ensure that your teams remain competitive and dynamic even while working remotely. 

Recognize winners

Team leaders can now leverage on the leaderboard to appreciate and celebrate the winner over a period of time – say quarterly. 

Trivia Leaderboard

This can offer individuals special recognition and mentions. Such intangible factors can boost the way your teams get together by giving them a sense of fulfillment amongst their teammates.

Team leaders can also go a step further and honor winners with physical gifts to make them feel more special.

Even something as simple as a voucher, favorite novel, or even a trophy to ensure your entire team looks up for something to compete next time!

Increase engagement

Those inside jokes and banters that Trivia brings about after every game is truly a moment to relish for any team. That, when scaled and recorded in the form of leaderboards, can really be the crux in boosting your team’s engagement levels. 

Leaderboards will undoubtedly play an important role in bringing your teams together, build a sense of camaraderie, and deliver the office-like engagements your teams are used to, right inside Trivia! 

Now it’s your turn to unleash the power of the leaderboard to nurture a habit of getting more competitive and set your team engagements on the right path. 

Indeed, your teams will have something to look forward to!

Ready to bring your remote team together?

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