Trivia Complete Guide to HR Professionals

Trivia Complete Guide For HR Professionals


Trivia is an app mainly built for remote teams, offering a lot more than just being a quiz tool. This fun app is packed with a wide array of powerful features. 

With Trivia, you can play multiple team-building games such as Trivia Quizzes, Gotcha!, (Un)Popular Opinions, Word Puzzle, and This or That. More than 360K+ people are already enjoying it!

Let’s see how this Trivia makes the team-building easier:

Story Behind Trivia

At Springworks, we announced our remote-first policy on May 6th, 2020. So there was a BIG challenge in front of us: How to keep our team spirit high and team camaraderie intact?

So we started fun virtual activities every evening at around 5:00 PM called ‘Tea Break,’ where everyone jumped in to play Kahoot! Quizzes via Zoom.

After about a month of dedicated planning of Kahoot! + Zoom meetings, our team saw how convenient, fun, and seamless it would be to have an app that hosts quizzes within our team communication platform, Slack.

And then we built Trivia.

Today, Trivia has helped build engagement in over 9,000 companies across 40 countries and is loved by more than 360,000+ working professionals. 

Trivia brings together teams to play real-time games right within Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Google Chat. Because of its seamless integration with these communication tools, employees can get started with quick breaks at any point of the day without any prior planning.

Trivia for Team Building

When your team is working remotely, it’s easy to slip into isolation without anyone noticing. Trivia has you covered! 

Do you want to keep your team spirit high and team camaraderie intact? Trivia empowers remote teams to build a stronger bond with fun-filled games.

The magic that Trivia spells on your remote teams:

Eliminate Remote Isolation

Remote teams might not meet by the water cooler, but fun and breaks are still important. Trivia helps you improve the team’s morale and brings a sense of belonging among them through interactive games.

Goodbye Monday Blues

A happy employee is a motivated one. Get together as a team, have fun, and make the transition towards your workweek smoother. 

Give Your Team a Break!

It’s more important than ever to focus on our own well-being and the well-being of our teams. So with Trivia’s suite of games, give your teams a break, inject some fun and levity into their busy work schedule. 

Spice Up Your Workspace

Fun team-building activities for employees can tremendously boost productivity and engagement. Remote teams love the element of fun and believe that it improves work ethics. Trivia’s virtual team-building games help to create a positive work environment.

Unify Your Team

Remote team building is entirely different (and more challenging) than in-office team building. Engage and connect your employees virtually and bring them together as a team with Trivia.

Build a Human Network

Trivia is a simple and intuitive way to keep your virtual teams, coworkers, and friends engaged. Create engagement in teams asynchronously, synchronously during meetings, or during any kind of leisure time.

Connecting Teams With Fun Trivia Games!

Connecting Teams With Fun Trivia Games!

Having fun is great, but making a social connection between your employees is even better! Create and launch trivia games and virtual quizzes to engage your employees through friendly competition.

Instant Quizzes

Engage your team with 1000s of quizzes that are fun, easy to launch, and provide a quick five-minute break to your workday.

Custom Quizzes

Trivia allows you to create your own Custom quizzes. You can create a personalized question bank and hold special events for your teams.


An MCQ quiz format with a twist: you can not only fetch points with the right answers but also by fooling others with your wrong answer.

Word Puzzles

Solve Word Puzzles by rearranging letters to form words. These puzzles are great for competitive team-building exercises.

Vote for opinions with your teammates and stir up some controversy. But, it is just pure fun and sparkles each participant’s creativity.

This or That

There are no right or wrong answers in this game. It’s the option chosen by the majority that gets you through to the next round.

Virtual Water Cooler

From light-hearted conversation starters to thought-provoking questions, Trivia’s Water Cooler has got you covered. Simply choose the date and time, and the Trivia bot will post a question in a channel of your choice.

Trivia Features That Will Make Team Building Fun

Trivia Features That Will Make Team Building Fun

Teammates who laugh together bond stronger. Their smiles keep their engagement lively and interactive. Pump up your remote team morale with Trivia’s fun features:

Easy to Launch

Trivia games are easy to launch. It takes less than two minutes to set up and launch your game.


Track results real-time, along with final podium standings showcased at the end. You can also go a step further and honor winners with physical gifts to make them feel more special.

Game Scheduler

Trivia bot allows you to schedule games and play them periodically. Trivia Bot notifies you when the scheduled game is about to begin.

Global Challenge

Those looking for something more competitive and complex than the standard Trivia games can now register for a new challenge every week. Compete with Trivia quizzards from companies around the world to solve these elaborate and logical challenges.

Seamless Integration

Trivia’s easy integration with team collaboration tools (such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Chat) has made remote team building even more seamless and convenient.

Trivia for Slack

Trivia for Slack

With Trivia, play fun games and quizzes right inside Slack. You can conduct virtual quizzes and games in minutes through this Slack bot.

Trivia is not just about playing games and quizzes – Icebreakers for the new employee, Happy hours for Friday evenings, or a fun game to end a long meeting- We got you!

Helpful Resources: 

Getting started with Trivia for Slack

Trivia for Slack: Knowledge Base

Trivia for MS Teams

Trivia for MS Teams

Integrate Trivia with Microsoft Teams and fill your work-day with thousands of quizzes, puzzles, polls, and other team-building games. 

Long story short, you can use Trivia for:

🎯 Employee Engagement

🙋 Employee Onboarding/Icebreakers

💪 Virtual Team Building

Helpful Resources:

Getting Started With Trivia for Microsoft Teams

Trivia for MS Teams: Knowledge Base

Trivia for Google Chat

Trivia for Google Chat

Google Chat is a powerful way to communicate with your team in a fully organized way. In addition to useful integrations with G-Suite apps, Google Chat also connects to third-party tools, including Trivia!

With the Trivia integration for Google Chat, you can play fun quizzes and real-time games right within Google Chat.

To engage employees online, play, and spark happiness, many companies have started using Trivia. And we’re happy to see that both employees and employers are enjoying their experience!

Helpful Resources:

Trivia Integration With Google Chat: Help Teams Connect and Have Fun Online!

Trivia for Google Chat: Knowledge Base

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