Trivia Global Challenges

Compete against players from companies across the world 🌍

Competing against your teammates at work is great, but competing against quiz wizards from companies around the world is awesome!

This is Trivia Global Challenges.

Global Challenges are an exclusive series of competitive, logical and elaborate puzzles that go live every Friday at 11 AM local time.

With work piling over from the rest of the week, Fridays can be busy and we may have a creative block every once in a while. That’s where Global Challenges wins hearts. 

Since everything is integrated right into Slack, it virtually takes no time to get started with a challenge. The competitive and fun puzzles not only help employees boost their creative juices on a late Friday evening but also pushes teams to stay motivated throughout the latter half of the day.

These challenges are much harder to crack when compared to Trivia’s instant games that get over in a matter of minutes. With 60 minutes to solve these brainteasers, players are timed and their scores are tallied against players from different companies in a global leaderboard.

And don’t get me wrong, some quizzards solve these competitive challenges as if these were just any other standard trivia question too!

Here’s an example from last week’s Global Challenge. Over 700 players tried solving this puzzle by Trivia Global Challenges Partner Untangle but only 18 got it correct ⤵️

Diving deep into the insights we measured, it took an average of 4.97 attempts to solve this question correctly with the quickest response timed at only 1.67 minutes!

Every Monday, a global leaderboard that mentions the player rank, company and individual scores, is shared to all the participants of the challenge from Friday.

This is how the Global Leaderboard looks like ⤵️

Global Challenges gives a platform to professionals from various companies to compete with each other right inside Slack. With new challenges every week, insightful analytics, dynamic global leaderboards and awesome partners behind the puzzles, Trivia Global Challenges is a treat for all those who are looking for something more complicated than the standard trivia quizzes and puzzles.

We are introducing a new series very soon that’s going to be full of complex but fun math puzzles. Tune in and play Trivia with over 80,000 players from more than 3,000 companies across the globe.

Register for the upcoming Global Challenges for free, show off your quizzing skills and stand a chance to make your company proud by topping the Global Leaderboard 🏆

Here are some step-by-step instructions on registering for global challenges.

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