Play Trivia right inside Microsoft Teams: Make Remote Work Fun with quizzes, puzzles, and other interactive games!

Trivia for Microsoft Teams is here!

Trivia for Teams

Springworks is proud to launch a powerful integration with the leading collaboration and communications tool, Microsoft Teams. Trivia will make work fun and engaging for remote teams.

We recently launched Trivia in Slack and found that companies are loving using Trivia in their Slack workspaces. As on August 27, Trivia is installed in over 800 Slack workspaces and 28,000+ players have played one or more games in Trivia.

Bring social and fun back to your workspace (right inside MS Teams)

Now, we’re proud to announce Trivia integration with MS Teams. Users can now play 1000s of quizzes, 100s of word puzzles, anagrams, bring a dose of healthy banter with opinion polls and play Gotcha right inside Teams!

Trivia quizzes are fun, easy to launch and provide a quick 5-minute break to your workday. And they’re real-time, meaning the team comes together to play!

Trivia gif

Adding Trivia to Microsoft Teams!

Step 1: Follow this link to log into your Microsoft Teams account and install Trivia.

Install Trivia

Step 2: Pick the team you wish Trivia to join.

Step 3: Install Trivia!


How to use Trivia with Teams

First step: Run trivia command “@Trivia trivia” to start playing quizzes.

welcome to Trivia

And then, a next window will appear where you can select the channel and number of questions. You can select up to 5 categories for the quiz, and click send.

start quiz

And all the channel members will get the notification that the game will be starting in X seconds. People can also see the quiz category and the total number of questions.

submit quiz

And then, the quiz will start, and participants can now start answering the questions.

quiz start

And once the quiz is over, you’ll get results and winners!

quiz results

Ready to bring your remote team together?

Want more information? Read these FAQs:

Q: What games can I play with Trivia?

We currently have four games:

🎉 Trivia Quizzes
🌶 (Un)Popular Opinions
🧩 Anagrams
🧐 Gotcha!

Q: How many categories of quizzes are available?

We have over 26,000 Trivia questions across more than 30 categories ready to be played.

Q: Is there a limit for the number of quizzes you can conduct once a purchase is made?

No, you are open to access all our quizzes!

Q: Do you have any hot picks or trending topics?

Yes, we update our question banks for all our Trivia games from time to time with trending topics.

Q: What if the answer recorded by the app is incorrect? Can I submit a query to get the answer corrected?

Please chat with us here on website support. We’d love to talk to you.

Q: Can you help organize a tournament?

Of course! Please get in touch with us over chat here on website support.

Q; Is there a limit to the number of people who can respond/participate in a quiz?

No! Your entire workspace can participate together on a paid plan (or on our restricted/limited free tier).

Q: What happens if you join a quiz after it has started?

The quiz goes on and points are scored from that point onwards.

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