Christmas Quizzes Inside your Slack & MS Teams

What is the Christmas Pack?

The Christmas Pack is a special bundle of Christmas quizzes handpicked by the Makers of Trivia – a Fun & Social app used by organizations across the world.

Hosting holiday events can be difficult in remote work environments. With the Christmas Pack, you can bring the Christmas spirit to remote teams no matter where they are!

Why use Trivia?

Finding the right game host, planning an online event, bringing everyone together on a call has never been easy. Not any more!

Trivia makes team bonding virtually effortless. You can host an event without even moving out of Slack & Microsoft Teams. With thousands of quizzes, puzzles and multiple mini-games, colleagues can engage in real-time.

A sneak-peak to Trivia, Santa’s Little Helper

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How does this work?

  • Add Trivia to your Slack or MS Teams
    1. On our website, click on Add Trivia
    2. Select your platform (Slack or MS Teams)
    3. Sign in with your Slack or MS Teams account
    4. Select the channels (Slack) or teams (MS Teams) where you’d like to play Trivia

Naughty or Nice?
Santa has got Trivia for everyone!

‘Tis the season
To bring fun & social to your team

Join 100,000 players
in over 2,700 companies
across 30 countries
Play multiple game formats
Tally your scores in a leaderboard
All within Slack & MS Teams
Play with your team in real-time
No matter where you are

Celebrate the Holiday spirit
with love & security

Christmas is about spreading joy and having a great time. We understand a lot of sensitive data lives in your Slack and we’re right here with you. Please review our Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and a breakdown of what data is shared on Slack & MS Teams.

Note: We complete security reviews or questionnaires for annual subscriptions.

Need help?
We got you covered.

  • Can I use the Christmas Pack to host a special event for my colleagues to celebrate the holidays?
    • Yes, you can! You can also schedule a game to start automatically at different times of the day throughout the week.
  • What is Trivia?
    • Trivia is the app that features the Christmas Pack. You can add the app to your Slack Workspace or Microsoft Teams to get started. To learn, visit the Trivia website.
  • Is the Christmas Pack free?
    • The Christmas Pack is a part of Trivia’s Suite of Games. Trivia is free to add to your team channels. We also offer upgrades for premium plans. For more information, visit our pricing page.
  • Can I speak to someone at Trivia? Can I book a demo?
    • Yes, please send us an email at [email protected] or chat with us