[Report] The State of HR/IT & Employee Helpdesk Experience in 2023

In a recent survey, we found that 65% of people thought helpdesks reduced workplace productivity, consequently threatening company revenue. The survey results (conducted over a large pool of HR and non-HR professionals) have now been consolidated into our report on the State of the HR/IT & Employee Helpdesk Experience in 2023.

What Springworks’ Research Report Reveals:

  • How your HR & non-HR colleagues feel about their employee helpdesk
  • The impact of traditional helpdesks on productivity
  • What people actually want in their helpdesk
  • The solution – how productivity can be improved using AI
  • AI readiness, & much more

To learn more, we invite you to download and read Springworks’ research report today:


The biggest issue with their current helpdesk was repetitive tasks that lowered employee productivity & caused a decline in revenue.

IT Helpdesk Report data

60.5% of respondents considered using AI for employee experience because the current helpdesk setup is time-consuming, lowers productivity, and leads to a decline in revenue.

AI for employee experience

Want to save time and boost productivity at your company? Albus, your AI-powered workplace assistant, can get you there!

Albus is your team’s intelligent universal search tool that functions on Slack/web & integrates with the knowledge portals of your choice (Notion, Slack, Jira, Google Drive, etc.).

Just prompt Albus – it can give you any information you need, essentially replacing repetitive and time-consuming employee-HR interactions.

Think of Albus as a central source of truth for you, providing instant and accurate information in ChatGPT style without waiting on anyone.



  • Is ChatGPT-like, resolves issues within seconds
  • Has one-click integration with 50+ knowledge hubs (Jira, Slack, Google Drive, Notion etc.)
  • Is available on Slack and the web
  • Is being used by 300+ teams already

What Albus can do for you:

  • Give you a  360∘ view of all your operations
  • Multiple use cases, from employee helpdesk to customer success to project management
  • Instant and accurate resolution of queries 

Springworks Team

Building products and tools to simplify the life of an org's HR function in terms of recruiting, onboarding & retention!

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