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How The Shape of Work community uses Albus to increase community engagement.


About The Shape of Work Community:

Priya is heading the TSOW community which is one of the largest HR communities in India, with over 10,000+ HR professionals.

Priya knew that HR professionals were already overwhelmed with multiple WhatsApp and Telegram communities drowning in spam, promotions and a lack of peer-to-peer learning. She didn’t want TSOW to end up like one of them, so her vision was clear – to create a safe space for collective learning, meaningful discussions, and collaboration for all HR professionals.


In just one year, TSOW had grown from zero to a remarkable 10,000+ members, but with growth came an unexpected challenge.

The TSOW community is known for its super-active members and the pace of discussions meant that information quickly became outdated.

When members attempted to search for information, they often couldn’t find what they needed. Also, Slack’s free plan doesn’t retain messages beyond 90 days so members could not access older messages.

This made the engaged members drift away, while the newcomers were finding it hard to leverage the community. It was a classic “chicken-and-egg” problem.

Also, common questions like vendor lists, and employee engagement strategies pop up frequently and it demands a ton of manual effort from the team to keep these updates in check.

These challenges became the tipping point for Priya to onboard Albus.

TSOW meets Albus:

A new go-to hub:

Albus quickly became the go-to place for community members seeking answers to questions like “Share a list of vendors for New Year gifting,”  “What is the general leave structure followed by companies,” and “What should be the compensation range for a VP of Engineering in a Series B company.”

TSOW over Google:

One significant shift Priya observed was community members turning to TSOW rather than Google specifically for HR-related queries. Albus’s answers, based on insights from fellow community members, proved more trustworthy than generic Google search results. After all, when it comes to knowledge and experience, Human Experience > SEO.

Focus on things that matter:

Not using Albus would mean I would be spending 8-10 hours per week on mundane tasks. I am now able to utilize my time productively on tasks that can add more value for my community members like planning in-person and virtual events, workshops, getting diverse speakers and more.

In conclusion:

Albus is helping TSOW by: 

  1. Improved Content Searchability: Members are getting relevant and updated information in real-time, at their fingertips without waiting on anyone.

  2. Increased Community Engagement: Members are engaging in deeper discussions and exploring ideas since Albus can answer routine and previously asked questions, improving the signal-to-noise ratio in the community.

And of course, saving Priya and her team 8-10 hours per week by eliminating mundane tasks.

Chintan Bavishi

Product Marketing Manager at Springworks.

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