The Right Path to a Successful Career Change with Dr. Frederick Correa

The formula for a successful career change

This article is a lightly-edited summary of the key takeaways from our speakers’ appearance on our podcast, “The Shape of Work.” If you haven’t listened to our show yet, be sure to check it out here. These speakers have an incredible stable of startup experiences to draw from, the kind of stories that are unbelievably helpful for HR/people managers to hear.

In this episode of “The Shape of Work,” our guest is Dr. Frederick Correa, listed among India’s 50 Best Human Resource Leaders in 2021. He is the author of Amazon best-seller, “Enhance your employability with Ikigai: A simple 7 step Program to win at work and in life”.


Name of the guest: Dr. Frederick Correa

What he does: Senior Associate Vice President Human Resources, Darashaw

Find him on LinkedIn.

Get Smart: “Someone may go ahead of you today in terms of compensation. But when it comes to the second half of your career, you need to look at your career as a marathon, not a sprint. It is not a five-year sprint.”


This summary will provide you some valuable insights into:

  1. Frederick’s inspiration behind writing his book.
  2. Reflection as a tool in career development.
  3. Values of a leader for a better organizational culture.
  4. Frederick’s thoughts on the concept of job switching.


The inspiration behind the book: “Enhance your employability with Ikigai: A simple 7 step Program to win at work and in life.”

Frederick takes us through the story behind his career shift from Ph.D. to MBA. Many people tried to convince him to stay in the field he had studied. However, he was determined to pursue Human Resources. He felt that a Ph.D. would not be as helpful as HR. This persistence is what Frederick wanted to share with the world. He aimed to offer the clarity of career to those who were confused. This is the reason why Frederick and his father decided to write the book. Their main goal was to share their years of corporate experience in a scientific yet practical manner. It had to be easy for people to understand.

Feedback to young professionals and startups:

Frederick offers a simple yet unique solution for startups or young professionals. It is necessary to start with an end in mind, that is, a goal. It can be achieved through career clarity. When a startup knows the problem it is supposed to solve, it will perform effectively. Thus they need to start identifying goals at different levels. Identifying and developing those skills will initiate better growth of the startup/career.

Reflection as a tool in career development:

Reflection is one of the most significant tools in terms of career growth. You need to have a target and review how you are moving towards it. However, you might not succeed even after that. This is where reflection comes into the picture. You have to analyze what helped you and what went wrong.

Frederick explains how simply practicing will not make a task perfect. Correct practicing with reflection will make it perfect.

Values of leader for a better organizational culture:

Values are the most significant factor influencing the culture of an organization. Frederick mentions two “C”s that can help in professional growth: Competence and Character.

Having the title of CEO does not make a leader influential. A leader has to implement the values that he talks about. The way he works on himself identifies the significance of his title.

Frederick’s thoughts on the concept of job switching:

  1. Cultural fitment: When the organizational culture does not meet the requirements of an individual, leaving the job can be a reasonable decision. 
  2. When the learning cycle sends: This is an important factor to consider before a job switch. Frederick mentions an example stating how staying and learning in one company is more fruitful than learning from two different companies. He also highlights the importance of implementing the things learned.

To sum up, you need to target winning in the second half of your career. Utilize the first half to build a foundation. Frederick explains how joining another job and quitting a job are two separate decisions. Before making a switch, you should analyze what makes you unhappy and how you will achieve it in your next workplace. Moreover, focus on how your next job will offer you a closer step towards your goal.

Frederick’s advice to the listeners:

There are two important things to be focused upon: God and Goal. Your moral compass should always focus on what is right. And your life should focus on your goal.

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