How TPF Community leverages Albus to democratize product management space


About The Product Folks:


In case you are wondering, that’s the size of The Product Folks community(TPF).

If you were to check today, that number would have increased by 400-500. This is the scale at which the community is operating.

TPF is a volunteer-driven community for product enthusiasts and professionals who are dedicated to learning and sharing knowledge about product management.


When TPF started in 2019, managing the community was relatively straightforward, says Suhas, one of the founding members of TPF. “We didn’t have to worry about communication and engagement”.

As the community continued to grow, they needed to rethink their approach to onboarding and engagement to make each member truly part of the community.

As the TPF community is volunteer-driven, they want to ensure it remains moderated, free of spam and promotional messages.

There were multiple different conversations going on in different threads. It was important to keep everyone in the loop without losing the essence. Every new member must feel “involved” in the community and quickly derive value which then motivates them to actively contribute to the community.

However, easy access to information for community members and addressing repetitive questions were among their primary challenges. It is when they decided to onboard Albus.

TPF meets Albus:

Access to Information:

While Product management is an ever-evolving space, certain foundational concepts remain essential which even seasoned PMs revisit time and again.

Albus has become the go-to hub for TPF community members looking for real-world insights and experiences on questions like “What KPI should we focus on to measure the success of the matured product”, “How to effectively prioritize features in product roadmap”, “What are your favourite resources around product management” and more.

Updates at fingertips:

We keep on organizing multiple events, cohorts, and in-person meetups. Keeping track of announcements across multiple channels can be overwhelming. Community members are now taking the help of Albus for quick access to these details.

Connecting multiple sources:

For Suhas, it was important that members benefit from information scattered across different places like Google Drive, Notion and not just limited to Slack. Community members now don’t have to visit different sources to find specific information – all they are now doing is asking Albus.

In conclusion:

Albus has emerged as a catalyst for information access and the ability to answer common questions has made the community more efficient.

Chintan Bavishi

Product Marketing Manager at Springworks.

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