The one where team SpringRole took Blockchain to a beautiful hill town in South India

Blockchain travels to Munnar courtesy Team SpringRole

Editor’s note: Our team member, George Mammen Jacob conducted a workshop on Blockchain last month. We asked him to jot down his experience. Below it is, in his own words.

One of the perks of being involved in the blockchain ecosystem is its rapidly growing community as well as an ever-increasing public interest in the space.

George Mammen Jacob, Software Developer at SpringRole

As SpringRole is highly active in the blockchain space in India, we are lucky enough to be presented with unique opportunities to help the community grow over here.

One such opportunity we were presented with was to conduct a blockchain workshop in the beautiful hill town of Munnar. The workshop was conducted at the Munnar College of Engineering as a part of their IEEE festival-Kaizen.

From the get-go the organisers were constantly in touch to make sure all the necessary arrangements were taken care of. When they enquired whether there should be a minimum requirement needed of those attending the workshop, I responded in the negative. This is solely because the blockchain community consists of such a diverse range of individuals. It’d be almost unfair (and antithetical to the broader concept of decentralisation) to add a requirement that only those with a specific technical background can attend a workshop about it.

On the day of the event I was pleasantly surprised to find out that all the seats for the workshop were taken. It was also great to find out that a substantial proportion of the attendees were not from a Computer Science background, a testament to the wide range of interest in the field.

For the same reason, I spent a good amount of time taking the attendees through all the basics of blockchain-how it provides security through decentralisation, consensus mechanisms as well as real life applications of blockchains in the fields of finance, supply chains.

It was great to see that the audience was eager to understand the importance of blockchain and Web 3.0 in general.

After going through the basics, we got started on the hands-on workshop.

I first took them through the process of deploying a smart contract and interacting with it through truffle. I also introduced them to writing smart contracts in Solidity. Finally each person worked on setting up and deploying smart contracts on their own. They were also introduced to the fun learning experience provided by Crypto Kitties.

Having my colleague Vivek attend the IEEE festival with me was a boon. I was able to pick his brain constantly and the session he conducted during the workshop was very well-received by the participants.

All in all it was a great experience. I hope it set the attendees on a path towards becoming future contributors to growth and adoption of blockchain.

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