[Survey Results] What’s it like working remotely for the 100+ employees of Springworks

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Springworks conducted an internal survey of employees currently working remotely. More than 100 survey responses were submitted.

Check out our findings below to discover more about their attitudes, interests, struggles, and habits. Read on to dig into all of the insights about what it’s really like to be a remote worker in 2020.

Springworks’ Work From Home Survey Results 2020

1. It takes less than 15 minutes to connect with a team member

We asked our employees, “When you had a doubt, how quickly were you able to get a hold of a person to clarify?”

84.1% of respondents said it takes less than 15 minutes.


2. Most of the employees love their remote work life

To the question, “Did you feel a sense of loneliness and miss the buzz of having people around?”, 39.6% said they don’t miss the buzz of office life. However, around 60% of employees feel somewhat lonely and disconnected.


3. Slow Internet is the biggest challenge for remote employees

We asked our employees, “Do you think having a better router or internet at home will help you?”

62.3% of respondents said having better Internet connectivity can help in improving their work.


4. A good pair of headphones help remote employees in focusing on their work

We asked them, “Do you think having better headphones or earphones will help you?”

More than half (68%) of employees feel that having better headphones can help in focusing on their work.


5. Employees miss their social circle and meeting colleagues in person

When we asked Springworks’ employees, “Did you miss coming to the office?”

45.7% of employees said they miss their desk and their office friends. Almost 15% said they don’t miss it one bit.


6. Avoiding the commute to work is the biggest benefit noted by remote workers

We asked our remote workers, “What do you believe is the main reason you’re more productive when WFH?”

Around 43% of remote workers think avoiding traffic is the main reason they feel more productive.


7. Most of the remote workers have no ideas on how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

When we asked employees, “What are you doing to stay healthy?”

40% of employees said they want to take care of their health but can’t figure out how.


If you have questions or seek additional information about Springworks’ work from home survey results, just drop your thoughts below.

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  1. From slow internet to feeling lonely and missing the social circle, anyone can relate to these survey questions and the answered gathered. Most of us liked remote work but in some cases we missed office as well.
    This survey result will help many of us to understand what remote work is and what are the benefits and challenges.
    Thanks for sharing.

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