When Team Springworks went to MIT and found five mighty talented interns

Our quest to find talented interns have taken us to several destinations in the past. We’ve visited the ‘Manchester of South India‘. We’ve been to the land of five rivers. This time we headed closer home, both literally and figuratively.

Here’s what transpired when our team went to MIT (which also happens to be Springworks CEO’s alma mater) to hire interns.

Team Springworks visited Manipal Institute of Technology in October, 2019 to hire interns
(From R-L) Manjesh CV, Sheetal Tamta, Malkeet Singh and Karan Ahuja with the MIT Placement co-ordinators

Our team comprising of Karan Ahuja, Malkeet Singh, Sheetal Tamta and Manjesh CV made a trip to Manipal Institute of Technology in Karnataka in the month of September for a recruitment drive.

Our policy with internships is that the interns contribute to the ongoing product cycle. Hence, we were looking for Software Engineering interns with the willingness to learn technologies like Blockchain, Machine Learning and React.

The hiring team focused on the following points to analyse the candidates’s fit at Springworks.

a) stronghold on basic programming concepts
b) in-depth knowledge of their favourite/preferred topics
c) superior soft skills

Here are the broad questions that the hiring team wants to answer while interviewing a candidate:

  • If the candidate claims superior proficiency in a certain topic, are they able to explain the nuances and show a deep understanding of the topic?
  • Has the candidate experimented enough? Or have they restricted themselves to the academic constraints?
  • Have they tried to go outside their comfort zone by trying out not just the topics or technologies that they prefer, but also those topics that they might not feel comfortable with?
  • How do they perform if put under pressure? Do they start to ramble or are they able to streamline their thoughts when trying to figure out an answer to a difficult question?

The Interview Process

The interview process began with our team giving an overview of what we do at Springworks, the various products that we are building for the HR ecosystem, and what life at Springworks looks like.

Team Springworks hard at work at different stages of the internship interview process at MT, Manipal

Then started the interview process. Around 350 candidates had applied for the internship position, out of which 60 candidates passed our online test.

The 60 candidates were then put through three rounds of interview including two technical interview rounds and another round of interview to assess culture fit.

At the end of the gruelling 12-hour process, we were able to find five candidates who we felt would make the perfect candidates for the 5-month internship at our Bengaluru HQ.

The Manipal experience

Springworks has been recruiting candidates from Manipal for the past several years, and the experience has always been splendid. We are grateful to Dr Chandrakant Kini (Assistant Director) and Mr. Amit Kumar (Assistant Director) for facilitating the process smoothly for our team.

Team Springworks had fun exploring Manipal beaches and the street food scene after a gruelling internship process at MIT, Manipal
Exploring the beaches near Manipal | Checking out the street food scene

After the exhausting process, it was time for the team to unwind. Our Tech Lead, Karan Ahuja who happens to be an MIT alumnus took responsibility of showing the other team members who were new to Manipal, a good time.

About Internship at SpringRole

We recently increased the stipend for internship positions at SpringRole to 166% of what we were paying until now!

Here’s the rationale behind why we increased the stipend for interns at SpringRole to 20K per month:

1. Interns at SpringRole don’t do grunt work. They work on live projects and contribute to the ongoing product cycle. While they’re still receiving more from us in terms of learning, it’s imperative they too are compensated well.

2. Our old stipend of 12K per month took care of lodging in Bengaluru and the office provides lunch and snacks as well. An extra 8K per month ensures the interns don’t have to depend on anyone else for other misc. (read: fun) expenses.

3. Of course, this helps ease out some of the concerns that the slightly better candidates have about the stipend (feedback from previous internship drives).

Folks love an internship at SpringRole. Here’s why:

  • One reason is that the learning curve here is excellent.
  • They all work on live projects and contribute to a product we are building at any given point in time.
  • They work on some of the leading technologies — Blockchain, AI, and Machine Learning.
  • It’s fun! Great work timings, snacks, quarterly team outings and more.

We’re looking to hire interns, for tech roles at our Bangalore office. We are looking for at least 6 months of commitment (up to a maximum of 10 months).

If you know someone who fits, send this article their way.

Or apply here: https://www.springrecruit.com/applynow/SpringRole6691

If you are an institute looking to engage with us, you can reach out to one of these team members on LinkedIn. 1. Kartik M, CEO 2. Jatin S, Talent Maverick 3. Abhash K, Head of Community

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