SpringVerify Feature Release Updates – April 2022

SpringVerify 11.1 - What's new?

Can background verification be successfully completed with Zero Manual Intervention?

Absolutely! That’s what the current update is all about. 

We’re constantly listening to users to see what else we could automate and improve on the product. This time we made a list of some functions that would enhance the customer experience exponentially.    

This post is to proudly present the game-changing features we’ve updated for SpringVerify. 

So what difference does it make for our customers?

  1. Better package options with higher flexibility to suit all kinds of needs.


  2. Fewer email exchanges between customers and the SpringVerify team. No more manual requests. Just D-I-Y


  3. Better control on access levels within teams and improved logging on every step/action taken by all account users. 

Let me take you through the details!

1. Starting with the SpringVerify wallet

Add funds to your wallet.

Buy anything with it – Packages / additional checks / pay for additional charges.


2. Customize and add-on checks for each candidate instantly

  • As always, customers “Add Candidate” on the portal, but the next step is to select relevant checks you want to proceed with for the candidate. That’s right; choosing which check should be applied for each candidate is now possible right on the portal.

  • Not just that, you can also select add-on checks directly on the portal without having to place a manual request with a POC from SpringVerify.

3. More package options to suit specific needs

We’re now offering more diverse package options to choose from. In addition, the credits from the primary package can also be distributed with sub-packages.

4. Too Many candidates to verify? Discounted packages as per unit sizes are here!

Multiple recharge tier options are added for more savings on each candidate. Just choose the right amount of package units. The more the number of units, the lesser it costs per candidate.

5. Recharge your SpringVerify account online from anywhere, anytime!

No more bank transfers. Online recharge and payments are finally here.

6. We’re reducing the number of emails we send to you

We’re cutting down emails and manual processes in every possible way. All the above updates have already reduced human interaction drastically.  But, we’ve also added approval on additional charges right on the dashboard. Can it get any better?

Those were all the updates implemented on this version of SpringVerify. We already have the next set of updates in the works, and it’s only going to get better with each release. So don’t miss out!   

Interested in a SpringVerify walk-through? We're super stoked to take you through all our awesome updates!

Shwetha Parshi

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