SpringVerify Feature Release Updates – August 2021

Feature Release Updates

SpringVerify feature updates
SpringVerify feature updates

Background Screening is inevitably the core ingredient when it comes to streamlined hiring. Employer’s trust in qualified candidates solidifies when their screening reports are crystal clear without any criminal history. In other words, Background Verification is the one-stop destination to scale a safe and secure workforce.

“One-quarter of companies surveyed estimated that a bad hire cost at least $50,000 a year. “

-Fast Company

Tony Hseih, who was the CEO of Zappos, reported that his past bad hires cost his company a staggering $100 million. Saved capital and quality hires are only some of the many advantages that proper background verification provides. SpringVerify, our global background verification product, has just released significant features through which employers can now:

  • Run “Reference Checks” on their candidates as a special add-on.
  • Re-run Criminal Record Search on the active workforce in real time.
  • Access the complete Webhook logs to take instant action.
  • Track the exact “screening form” progress of their candidates effortlessly.

Professional Reference Checks: Bridge to hire unique talent

On the previous versions of SpringVerify, employers were able to run all types of checks, including MVR checks and Professional License Verification as a special add-on. With the latest release of “Reference Checks,” employers can now verify their prospective employees’ abilities and skillsets.

When it comes to Professional Reference Verifications, time is of the essence. It can take a whole hour to gather insights about a particular candidate when carried out by the internal HR and Compliance teams without a proper background screening. SpringVerify helps you streamline the entire process and hire faster by making information-based decisions with a much faster turnaround time.

In addition, employers can run reference checks on multiple candidates in an instant. Running reference checks helps employers uncover facts that do not surface while conducting employment/education verification, for example, a candidates’ soft skills, reputation, and personal character. Generally, a reference check is conducted on a candidate to determine the following:

  • Ability to work in different challenging environments through collaboration.
  • Written and verbal communication skills.
  • Skill level based on their respective roles.
  • Credibility.

Reference checks help businesses of all sizes by allowing them to:

  • Hire only trustworthy candidates.
  • Make knowledge-based hiring decisions.
  • Get a thorough, realistic assessment of a candidate.
  • Mitigate the risk of bad hires, thereby saving operational costs and time.

Re-run Criminal Records of your Workforce

Re-running criminal checks helps employers screen their candidate’s criminal history to detect any reportable changes from the previous screening report in real-time. Re-running Criminal Records Search ensures the safety of the companies and their customers. Here are the main motives behind why employers should re-run criminal record search:

  • Active Crime Monitoring data to keep tabs of the workforce at all times.
  • To uphold the brand reputation.
  • To avoid potential ramifications which can affect the organization.
  • To create a safe and secure environment.

Webhook logs: Complete History of your Webhook calls, all in one place

SpringVerify helps employers seamlessly track their candidates’ progress during the screening process without logging into its dashboard. Moreover, employers can now view the entire Webhook logs and use filters based on their needs to make the corrective action on their Webhooks. This feature makes debugging and integrating Webhooks super convenient. Ultimately, this assists better hiring decisions.

SpringVerify Webhook logs feature

Track your candidates “screening form” progress effortlessly

Quite often, employers find it difficult to track the status of their candidates after inviting them for background screening. With the latest version of SpringVerify, employers will be able to pinpoint the exact status of their candidates while filling up their screening forms. In addition, employers can now take instant action by nudging their candidates by this simple yet robust feature.

Candidate screening progress with SpringVerify

This month, we have mainly focused on improving our client experience by making major changes in our product and impacting the entire screening process by providing better turnaround times.

Stay tuned for SpringVerify’s upcoming feature releases next month. Till then, experience SpringVerify’s newly added features.

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