SpringRole partners with WorkCoin

We are very excited to announce that SpringRole will be partnering with WorkCoin!

What is WorkCoin?

WorkCoin is a new crypto-currency, a platform, and a protocol for freelance work. As many as 40% of Americans freelance today, representing a $1.4 trillion dollar contribution to the US economy. Today’s freelance platforms cater to only a small subset of this market, and only cater to basic tasks like logo design, cheap app development and basic social media marketing.

WorkCoin flips the model by allowing complete transparency, low fees, and immediate crypto-only transactions. Fully developed as a web, iOS, and Android app, WorkCoin delivers by bringing the benefits of the blockchain to the average freelance worker and small business owner.

WorkCoin is from TroopWork, the first platform built specifically to address the larger, higher-end segment of the knowledge worker market for freelancers. For the first time, buyers can safely buy specialized services such as pre-paid custom legal document creation, app testing, high end branding and design, expert marketing advice and sales coaching. WorkCoins are held in escrow via smart contract until completion of the job. If there is a dispute, arbitration is done by a third party who reviews the project collaboration logs and makes a quick decision.

SpringRole and WorkCoin

Freelancers on SpringRole will get an endorsement by the company they do work for through the SpringRole protocol, which will ensure that all profiles and endorsements are verified and real. This will also increase their trust and reputation on the platform and lead to greater confidence when being hired for future freelance gigs. WorkCoin will also be integrated into SpringRole, which will allow freelancers to offer services directly from their SpringRole profile.

“We are thrilled to work with WorkCoin and are excited by the benefits this relationship will bring to both of our members. SpringRole users will be able to use their skills to get freelancing projects on WorkCoin”—Kartik, cofounder & CEO of SpringRole.

“SpringRole will bring an added level of verification and authenticity to our platform and an added channel for our high-end freelancers to find work. Before blockchain, it was challenging for freelancers in complicated fields to prove their value and skills. SpringRole makes verifying those skills easy. We’re excited to be partnering on this endeavor.”—Fred Kreuger, founder & CEO of TroopWork.

Find out more information about WorkCoin on their website here.

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