SpringRole Partners with Mainframe

We are very excited to announce that SpringRole will be partnering with Mainframe!

What is Mainframe?

Mainframe is the messaging layer for the decentralized web — a layer that goes beyond human-to-human messaging. The Mainframe network lets users communicate on a platform resistant to censorship, surveillance , or disruption. There are a wide variety of applications for the reliable, private, and secure routing of data packets through the Mainframe peer-to-peer network.

The Mainframe platform is built with five fundamentals as a guide. Firstly, all communication is encrypted, ensuring your content cannot be accessed by anyone but the intended recipient. Mainframe makes use of the most reliable standards in cryptography.

Secondly, it uses dark routing — a technique that makes it impossible to track activity between nodes. With dark routing, nodes on the network relay messages blindly, obscuring the origin and end point of messages sent.

Mainframe uses peer-to-peer architecture, which means that the network does not have a single point of failure that can be targeted. Mainframe is also incentivized by its token economy, so nodes in the network have incentive to be functioning in the network.

Lastly, it is interoperable — the network can by plugged into a wide variety of use cases. It will be available to any app, network or blockchain requiring truly private communication.

SpringRole and Mainframe

As SpringRole is being built from ground-up keeping decentralization as a key area of focus, it is necessary for us to have tie-ins with other companies that share our values. A decentralized professional network needs a messaging system in place to facilitate communication and collaboration. Privacy and incentivisation are two of our key values, and Mainframe, as a communications platform, shares those values with us.

We have chosen to partner with Mainframe to provide us with their messaging and communications solution. Mainframe’s platform will provide a suitable backbone to the platform, while adhering to the values of encryption, privacy and incentivisation that we have come to expect in a blockchain based world.

Kartik on Mainframe

“Mainframe’s team and vision is very strong. We at SpringRole are very excited to work with them and can’t wait to integrate their technology into our stack to empower users. Our vision always has been to do what is best for users and we think this partnership is the step in the right direction.”—Kartik, CEO SpringRole

Mainframe on SpringRole

“The vision for Mainframe came in part from our frustration with existing communication platforms and protocols. We aim to create a new layer of the internet where privacy and freedom are first class citizens. It is abundantly clear that current communication networks have serious trust issues. We’re excited to work with SpringRole to create ways to connect and communicate without reliance on blind trust among parties.”—Mick Hagen, CEO Mainframe

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