SpringRole Partners with Guardian Circle

Verified identity and experience are important in life, in hiring, and in emergency situations. To that end, SpringRole is excited to announce its partnership with Guardian Circle to enable Guardian Circle members to see verified credentials of emergency response service providers.

What is Guardian Circle?

Guardian Circle provides a global, decentralized 911 emergency response system giving users in an emergency situation immediate access to a designated circle of trusted friends, family and neighbors located closest to the crisis, significantly reducing the emergency response time and improving a victim’s chances for survival. Additionally, paid emergency response service providers such as EMT’s will answer alerts.

It is the first blockchain-based emergency response system to crowdsource safety, enabling users to access a decentralized pool of pre-selected citizen-rescuers who are alerted in the event of an emergency, dispatching aid closest to the situation. These guardians are then rewarded in cryptocurrency with Guardium, a token that can be redeemed for more services or sold for fiat currency.

SpringRole & Guardian Circle Working Together

SpringRole provides verified professional profiles through attestation on the blockchain by education providers, employers, and accrediting organizations as well as an AI-based skills endorsement platform allowing our partners to effectively evaluate the professional identity and credentials for employee candidates, credit rating of borrowers, service providers, and the like.

Both companies are seeing great interest for their services in India, where SpringRole has a large team and Guardian Circle recently participated in a competition with the XPRIZE Foundation for service and hardware companies to integrate Guardian Circle’s response system.

Guardian Circle will its allow members and their citizen guardians to see the attested qualifications of emergency responders as well as their endorsements for specific skills that may be required in the emergency event.

Mark on SpringRole

“SpringRole’s professional identity protocol will allow us to validate our response service providers’ work experience, training and accreditations. Verified identity and experience of responders is important to maintain a safe environment for all constituencies in our ecosystem.” Mark Jeffrey, CEO of Guardian Circle

Kartik on Guardian Circle

“I am happy that SpringRole can contribute to Guardian Circle’s life-changing service offering. Living in India, I can see that this service is needed and how SpringRole’s verified professional profiles can add a level of trust to Guardian Circle’s network.” Kartik Mandaville, CEO of SpringRole

For more information about SpringRole, visit http://springrole.com/ or join our Telegram group.

For more information about Guardian Circle, visit http://guardiancircle.com/ or join our Telegram group.

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