SpringRole Partners with BIGcontrols

Blockchain company SpringRole announced a partnership with BIGcontrols, a regulatory technology solutions provider. Together, they will enable stakeholders to verify the credentials of Economic Development Incentives (EDI) data contributors in the BIGcontrols ecosystem. The latter believes that a trusted source for identity and reputation such as SpringRole is an invaluable resource in today’s data-driven world.

BIGcontrols is a Benzinga Fintech Award winning blockchain platform that automates regulatory compliance for EDI with complete transparency. The use of smart contracts provides real time, actionable intelligence for corporate finance leaders and ROI metrics for corresponding government jurisdictions. Key to its success is the platform’s incentives for professionals that contribute EDI data to the ecosystem.

A partnership with SpringRole serves to verify the identities of these contributors. Their professional profiles will now include blockchain-based attestations from education providers, employers, and accredited organizations that participate in the platform. Likewise, the credentials of employee candidates, as well as the credit rating of borrowers and service providers will be verified through the same process.

Scott on SpringRole

“Given that we are staking identity and reputation as part of our consensus mechanism, SpringRole’s professional identity protocol fits squarely within our ethos. As we grow our community, having the ability to verify identity and experience gives validation to the EDI data we are ultimately democratizing across the world.”

Scott S. Nelson, CEO of BIGcontrols

Kartik on BIGcontrols

“We’re pleased to see that SpringRole can help BIGcontrols provide businesses with better management solutions, especially in ways that enhance compliance to EDI regulations. We’re confident that our protocol will lead to better data contributors working on their platform.”

Kartik Mandaville, CEO of SpringRole

About SpringRole

SpringRole is an innovative protocol that validates users’ professional identities by attesting their academic credentials and work experience on the blockchain. Its mission is to become the go-to data verification infrastructure for job seekers and recruiters alike. Additionally, the team is developing artificial intelligence that ranks users depending on their skills as endorsed by trusted business leaders in the space.


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