SpringRole Partners with AIKON

We are pleased to announce that SpringRole will be partnering with AIKON!

What is AIKON?

AIKON (pronounced “icon”), is transforming the world of APIs into blockchain-enabled “dServices”, the building blocks of the decentralized future.

AIKON’s open-source, ORE-protocol transitions APIs into blockchain-enabled dServices and makes them available on API.market, the world’s first decentralized API marketplace with a token-based model to incentivize developers for creating, wrapping and selling dServices.

A dService is any service that works in a decentralized system, either transformed using the ORE protocol or built using blockchain from the beginning. AIKON believes dServices are the missing building blocks for the world to become a decentralized global economy with worldwide collaboration and equal opportunity regardless of location, background, or easy access to banks or credit cards.

SpringRole and AIKON

SpringRole’s protocol is intended to be a platform on which other developers can create meaningful applications leveraging the SpringRole API layer. As part of SpringRole’s purpose, it is essential for developers to be able to discover the SpringRole API easily, and also find it easy to start using it in their dApps.

AIKON’s ORE protocol will help streamline this process by enabling monetization of SpringRole’s APIs using smart contracts and listing them on API.market in a format that makes it easy for developers to discover and implement. This partnership ensures that all the parties involved (especially users) get fairly compensated.

Having a active developer ecosystem adds a lot of value to the vision that SpringRole. The usefulness of a protocol only comes from the richness of the use cases that are built on top of it. Having a partnership with AIKON will really help in making SpringRole reach out to more developers and end users.

Kartik on AIKON

“Partnering with AIKON will benefit us immensely, as being listed on their API marketplace will greatly reduce the friction between us and app developers intending to build on our platform. I’m incredibly excited to build a decentralized world together with their team.”—Kartik, CEO SpringRole

AIKON on SpringRole

“SpringRole’s technology gives developers the ability to link an Ethereum public key to a verified identity with accurate, trustable skills and personal history. We think a whole host of Apps, dApps and services will want to plug in to their platform and we’re incredibly excited to have them in our decentralized API marketplace”, Marc Blinder, Chief Product Officer of AIKON.

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