SPRING Rewards: how to earn SPRING tokens with your SpringRole profile

It’s rewarding to create your #VerifiedProfessionalProfile on SpringRole.

Platform Rewards on SpringRole serve the purpose of bringing in new users, incentivising users on the platform to refer new users to the platform, and encourage engagement and interactions between users on the SpringRole platform.


There are several ways users can get rewarded with SPRING tokens (native currency on the SpringRole platform). We are listing them down below for the benefit of the users (both new and existing).

Do note that these Platform Rewards are subject to change at the discretion of the SpringRole platform, without notice.

TL;DR: You can claim these Rewards:

1. Reward for signing up — 100 SPRING

2. Reward for completing your SpringRole profile — 1000 SPRING

3. Daily login Reward — 5 SPRING

4. User Referral Reward — 100 SPRING per user

5. Reward for a verified profile with verified WorkEx — 1000 SPRING

6. Add Note — 200 SPRING when you create your first note

7. Refer Companies to sign-up on SpringRole — 500 SPRING

8. Monthly

Sign-up Reward

There is a 100 SPRING token reward for signing up on the SpringRole platform. This is to ensure that a new user on the platform is immediately introduced to the concept of the SPRING token.

This reward is one-time and only for new users. To claim this reward, a new user can sign-up here.

Profile Completion Reward

A complete SpringRole profile makes you eligible for lucrative platform Rewards.

Note that claiming this reward is a necessary step to be eligible for the other Platform Rewards listed below.

Here’s what a completed profile looks like. (feat. Kartik M, CEO at SpringRole)

Did you know that you can earn 1000 SPRING token as part of our platform Rewards if you have a complete profile on SpringRole?

A complete profile is one with:

  1. a Profile Pic
  2. your current designation and location
  3. at least three skills showcased
  4. a Short Bio
  5. at least one Work Experience
  6. all the above data ‘Written on to the Blockchain’

It’s fairly simple to complete your profile, once you login. The SpringRole platform will guide you through the process.

Login to complete your SpringRole profile

PS: You can take a look at the SpringRole profile of Kartik M (CEO at SpringRole) to see the example of a completed profile.

Daily Login Reward

Get 5 SPRING tokens for every day you log in into the SpringRole platform. Yup, it’s that simple.

User Referral Reward

By inviting your network to SpringRole, you can earn more SPRING tokens.

Every time someone joins SpringRole because of you, you get 100 SPRING tokens.

What do you have to do to invite someone? Simple. Just share your SpringRole Referral URL.

Where to find the Referral link on your SpringRole profile

To find your Referral URL, login to your SpringRole profile. On the right-hand top corner, you’ll see your token count. Click on it and you’ll see Referrals in the dropdown.

You can share this referral link across Social Media platforms, email, and any messaging apps.

Peer-verified Work Experience Reward

To peer-verify your work experience, you will need at least 3 of your colleagues from your company to attest that you have worked at the same company.

To do so, go to My Verifications, select the Work Experience that you wish to verify, and then enter the email IDs of the colleagues/ex-colleagues that can attest your WorkEx.

Here’s what a peer-verified WorkEx looks like

Please note that the email IDs will need to be on the same domain as that of the company.

You can earn 1000 SPRING tokens if you peer-verify at least one of your Work Experiences on your SpringRole profile.

Add Note Reward

Ever met someone at a conference and added them on social media only to realize a year later that you have no clue how you met? Our Add Note feature is designed exactly for that use case — to take notes on people who you know or meet.

Find someone’s SpringRole profile and click on Add Note — you can write important information about the person you want to remember. Your notes always stay private and can only be read by you.

How to Add Note on someone’s SpringRole profile:

  1. First, you need to be logged in to your SpringRole profile. Click here to Login.
  2. Navigate to a user’s profile. 
    For example: you can search for ‘SpringRole’ and you will be able to see the SpringRole company page with a list of our advisors, current and past team members. You can choose to sample the usage of the feature by taking a note about one of the people on this page.
  3. Once you navigate to the chosen user’s profile you will be able to see a Add Note button on the right hand side of the user’s profile near the top corner. Click on the Add Note button.
  4. The Add Note feature uses Blockstack’s decentralized storage service called gaia. This helps us keep your notes secure and visible/accessible only to you. You can link your Blockstack account by following the link and going through the steps explained.

You can earn 200 SPRING tokens if you Add Note about a user on SpringRole.

Company Referral Reward

By inviting a company to sign-up on SpringRole, you can earn SPRING tokens. For each company that gets on-boarded to the SpringRole platform because of you, you get 500 SPRING tokens.

What do you have to do to invite someone? Simple. Just share your SpringRole Referral Code for Companies.

To find your Referral URL, login to your SpringRole profile. On the right-hand top corner, you’ll see your token count. Click on it and you’ll see Referrals in the dropdown. Head over to the page. You will see a second tab called Referral Code for Companies (not to be confused with Referral Code for Users).

You can share this referral link across Social Media platforms, email, and any messaging apps.

Monthly Referral Bonus Reward

Before detailing the program, we would like to clarify that this is NOT an airdrop/bounty program. This is strictly part of the SpringRole platform Rewards program.

What is the Monthly Referral Rewards program?

With this program, current users on the SpringRole platform who bring in most number of users during each month will be eligible for a payout of bonus SPRING tokens, in addition to the regular Referral Reward of 100 SPRING token for each referral.

How much can you earn with the Monthly Referral Rewards program?

Users will be ranked according to the most number of verified* users referred during the month.

User with most number of verified* referrals will be ranked 1 and get a token bonus of 25000 SPRING tokens (in addition to 100 SPRING tokens for each individual referral), the next most will get 10000 tokens and so on as seen in the table below.

Monthly Referral bonus

In addition, top three users will also be eligible to earn ETH.

Rank | ETH Bonus
Rank 1 | 3 ETH
Rank 2 | 2 ETH
Rank 3 | 1 ETH

How to refer users?

To refer users, you need to be signed up on SpringRole and use your Referral link. You can find your referral link in the token count dropdown on your profile.

If you haven’t signed up, you can do so by clicking this.

If you are already signed up on the SpringRole platform, login to your profile now.

Who is eligible for this reward?

Only users who have a complete profile are eligible for this Reward. You have a complete profile, if you have already earned the Profile Completion Reward.

What else should I know?

1. The referrals will be verified by our Rewards Investigation team. Just because the referral reward has already been credited, doesn’t mean it is a verified referral. The Rewards investigation team checks all the referrals for veracity (whether a temporary email ID was used, spammy users and invalid domains etc.). All such referrals will not count and tokens credited for those referrals will be deducted from the user’s wallet.

2. The final list of Monthly Referral Bonus winners will be announced on the 5th day of the next month. The decision to award users will lie with the SpringRole platform and will be binding and can’t be disputed on any grounds.

3. The tokens will be credited within a week of the result announcement. For the top three users, ETH will be credited to your primary ETH address as mentioned on your profile.

Those are all the Platform Rewards you can earn on SpringRole.

We’ll keep adding more Platform Rewards as and when we see a need to incentivise or reward a particular action on the SpringRole platform.

This blog post will be updated when new Platform Rewards are added.

For any other queries about the Referral Rewards, talk to us on the SpringRole Telegram group. We won’t be able to answer the queries elsewhere.

About SpringRole

SpringRole is enabling everyone’s #VerifiedProfessionalProfile on the Blockchain. It is a decentralized attestation-based professional network platform powered by the blockchain.

SpringRole is the platform where people can view, share, and get attestations on their professional profile, thereby creating a verified resume that they can share and use. The organizations themselves verify a user’s educational qualifications and work experience, which is written directly to the blockchain. To assess a user’s skill set, SpringRole has a system of weighted endorsements that let users objectively look at people’s profiles and evaluate their skill level.

Learn More

To learn more, and be up-to-date about all-things-SpringRole:

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