18 Essential Slack Apps for Marketing Teams

slack apps for marketing teams

As a marketer, I love Slack. It plays an important role in keeping me connected to my team.

Slack apps allow you to spend less time hunting down information and more time working on your campaigns.

In this article, you’ll find 18 Slack apps for your marketing team.

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1. Hubspot for Slack

With live chat, team email, and an easy-to-use chatbot builder, HubSpot gives you the messaging tools and context to have personalized conversations with prospects and customers at scale. 


2. Mailchimp for Slack

Mailchimp for Slack will allow you to receive updates when people subscribe and unsubscribe from your audience and see the sent status of a campaign. After authenticating your Mailchimp account, you’ll be able to pick and choose which audience and notifications to monitor.

Mailchimp for slack

3. Statsbot

Statsbot is an entirely new approach to data analytics using Slack. Connect your database or Google Analytics to Statsbot in one click and easily track metrics, build funnels and cohorts even if you don’t know SQL. You can share your data insights with the whole team, partners or investors.


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4. MailClark

Mailclark brings the power of a shared inbox within Slack to easily engage your teams in workflows related to messages management. For every Customer Support, Sales & Marketing, Project Management or Recruitment team, MailClark centralizes shared inboxes to optimize productivity.


5. Smallchat

Start conversations with visitors on your website through Smallchat and convert those visitors into customers. All from inside Slack. Send messages, share screenshots, and turn visitors into buyers.


6. Chatlio

Chatlio lets you talk to your website visitors and users directly from Slack. Visitors to your site can instantly chat with you about pre-sales questions, support issues, etc. while you and your team respond directly from Slack without any additional tools to install or use.


7. Reveal

Reveal is a Facebook Ads automation and marketing data reporting tool that alerts you about the most important changes right in your team’s Slack. Reveal connects to: Facebook Ads, Facebook Insights, Twitter, Google AdWords, YouTube.


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8. Yala

Auto-schedule social posts with AI. Publish to multiple social networks when your followers are online, getting remarkably better exposure and engagement. Being on Slack, Yala is always ready to capture interesting articles and insights shared by you and your team


9. Brand24

Brand24 helps you to get access to online mentions about your brand or product directly from Slack so that you don’t miss anything. Hook up your project to Slack to make teamwork easier and more effective.


10. Databox

Databox for Slack helps to make sure your most important metrics are always at your fingertips. You and your team will be able to view your data in context, right where the conversation is already happening.


11. Coment

With Coment, you can comment, review and approve all your favorite documents directly on Slack. Comment with your team, in one click, directly on the document Access directly who reviewed and approved your documents.


12. Delighted

Delighted is the fastest and easiest way to gather actionable feedback from your customers, and with their Slack integration you can ensure everyone on your team sees feedback from customers as it happens. Your Delighted feedback can be sent to any of your Slack channels.


13. Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder’s Slack integration allows you to seamlessly send information about companies identified in Leadfeeder to your company’s Slack. You can be alerted to Slack channel of your choice when a company that matches certain criteria visits your site.


14. CallRail

The CallRail app for Slack is a powerful new tool that makes monitoring and adjusting your call and form tracking more convenient than ever. CallRail’s Slack integration makes it easy to keep up with your call tracking—you can even respond to texts directly from Slack.


15. PDFfiller

Collaborate on completing and signing documents with team members using the Slack messenger. Track your team’s activity on shared documents with instant notifications in Slack. Keep up with document turnaround by accessing, filling out and signing documents from within Slack.

16. Buzzsumo

You can connect your Slack account to BuzzSumo in order to receive real-time messages for new mentions. You’ll be given the option to pick a channel to have new mentions sent to.


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17. Rebrandly

Link your Rebrandly and Slack teams to brand and shorten URLs directly within Slack, creating a seamless workflow for branding links, saving your team valuable time and increasing productivity.


18. Markup Hero

Markup Hero is a free screenshot and file annotation tool that helps you communicate ideas more clearly. Their Slack integration enables users to instantly annotate any image or PDF directly from Slack with one click. You can also paste share links in Slack to see a preview of your markup and save annotations to your history for later editing.

Markup Hero

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