Top 17 Slack Apps and Integrations for Customer Support Teams

slack apps for customer support

If you’re reading this post, there’s a good chance you love Slack.

We noticed that Slack itself offers a wide array of different integrations and apps to grow the platform into a complete customer support powerhouse.

In this article, you’ll find the top 17 Slack apps that can help your support team. 

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1. Typeform

Create beautiful forms, surveys, and quizzes. Then send the results straight to Slack. Notify channels or direct messages with real-time responses—and have the right person to react in an instant. You can even collect responses to your Typeforms directly in Slack.


2. Freshdesk

With the Freshdesk for Slack, you can create and update tickets from Slack messages. You can also add private notes and even reply to customers, without having to switch tabs or open up Freshdesk.


3. Smallchat

Start conversations with visitors on your website through Smallchat and convert those visitors into customers. All from inside Slack. Each conversation creates a new thread, allowing your team to manage it all from one place.


4. Front

Front is the inbox for teams that gives you access to the people, messages, and apps you need to get work done. Automatically send messages from Front to Slack using escalation rules to handle them directly from Slack.


5. Guru

The Guru Slack integration allows you to capture knowledge as its being exchanged in Slack. This new content is then automatically consolidated with the rest of your collective knowledge, making it reusable and easy to search in Guru’s browser extension in any web based app.


6. Crisp

With the Crisp for Slack integration, you get access to the beautiful Crisp chatbox (that you install on your website in 1 minute, with a single line of JavaScript). Then, your visitors can chat with you.


7. Groove

The Groove integration will send notifications of incoming tickets (and a variety of other notification preferences) right into your Slack team’s own Groove Channel. Collaborate with your team in real time about customer questions without even leaving your chat room.

8. CloudApp

CloudApp can instantly share the content you’ve created directly into your Slack channel of choice, instantly. No searching around on your desktop for a screenshot/video or waiting to upload.

9. Sorry

Many companies use Sorry™ to communicate with their audience during downtime, this app allows their status updates to arrive direct into a Slack channel of your choosing, allowing you to stay ahead of the latest updates.

10. Hugo

Day-to-day, people use Hugo to collaborate on agendas and meeting notes in real-time. Hugo is connected meeting notes software. Your meeting notes are connected with the people and tools in your organization.

11. Freshconnect

By integrating Freshconnect and Slack, your support and sales teams become less distracted and more productive. This integration will allow you to get real-time updates on all the ticket and deal discussions you’re a part of, as a DM right within Slack.

12. Delighted

Delighted is the fastest and easiest way to gather actionable feedback from your customers, and with Slack integration you can ensure everyone on your team sees feedback from customers as it happens. Your Delighted feedback can be sent to any of your Slack channels.

13. Burner

Connect a phone number to any channel in Slack, allowing incoming text messages to the team & enabling anyone in the channel to respond or to watch text threads. Burner’s Slack Connection supports inbound texts and photo messages, outbound replies from Slack, and voicemails.

14. SharedBox

SharedBox brings your support inbox to Slack. It allows team members collaborate and respond to emails directly on Slack without the need for another dedicated interface to collaborate on emails. SharedBox connects to your existing support email.

15. Ottspott

Redirect call data to a specific channel and choose which of your co-workers handles the calls – for either local or toll-free numbers. You will receive and pass calls via Slack and see all your notifications in your dedicated channel (incoming, outgoing, or missed calls).

16. Clearbit

The Clearbit Slack integration transforms each new email signup into a complete user profile, enriching your customer understanding, and delivering that data directly to Slack where your team can take action.

17. Zoho CRM

Slack is a great way to collaborate with your team! Now with Zoho CRM‘s integration with Slack, you can share crucial information like lead details or reports easily with your team members and inturn, increase team collaboration and productivity.

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