Shivhari Shankar Attends Rec+ 2018 Conference

The opportunity to talk at the Rec+2018 was quite a humbling one. Rec+, is one of the leading conferences focusing on hiring and recruiting and features a star-studded list of speakers and participants. This year, the conference was in Berlin and had over 200 attendees.

The conference mainly focused on upcoming trends and technologies in the hiring industry such as A.I., machine learning, chatbots, video and mobile applications. A startup called Stafff demoed a product with which people can write AI powered job descriptions in their editor and it uses keyword analysis to communicate the same efficiently.

Some of the main themes in the conference were around Facebook and Google entering the hiring and recruitment industry and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and what it means for job boards in handling personally identifiable data. There were talks conducted by Indian companies as well. Vir Kashyap of Baba Jobs spoke of the blue collar jobs segment and his unique perspective in building a startup in that space; Hitesh Oberoi of Info Edge ( spoke of his experiences and the trends that are emerging in the hiring industry in India.

I presented what we have been doing at SpringRole and how we are pushing the boundaries of the hiring industry by leveraging the power of the blockchain. It was quite welcoming to see that my talk sparked interest in the audience. There was a genuine interest about blockchain, and being the latest buzzword in the tech world, everyone had heard about it and its potential. The fact that SpringRole has a tangible plan to leverage blockchain and change the face of professional networking and hiring was very well received and appreciated.

In the detailed conversations that I later had with the other participants, I highlighted the various facets of the SpringRole ecosystem and how we are looking at the space holistically, and not just with a knee-jerk mentality of solving a problem by adding blockchain to it. I remember having a very long conversation with Timo Hilhorst from about how building user-centric products is very important to gain traction for the SpringRole platform. We also spoke about the use of private blockchains and their relevance in the enterprise market.

Speaking to Vir Kashyap (founder, Baba Jobs) and Vivek Jain (Chief Product Officer at InfoEdge (

It was quite fascinating to learn and discuss how blockchain could also solve a lot of the implementation challenges that people actually have with GDPR, and how the blockchain could be a way by which traceability and accountability could be established. I was happy that there was a general consensus about how online professional networking is currently broken and that in many cases recruiters have to fight against the platform’s features to get their work done. Furthermore, these discussions only added to my confidence about how blockchain can solve many of the glaring issues that the industry is facing today.

It was a pleasurable experience to interact with veterans of the hiring industry and the satisfaction in knowing that they see a lot of value in what SpringRole is doing, is great impetus for us to push ahead in the journey that all of us at SpringRole have embarked on.

On a lighter note, the -12ºc temperature in Berlin was a real shocker for a tropical being like me! However, I am more than sure that the experience I had will remain in my memories for years to come.

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