6 Reward Ideas for Your Employee Recognition Program

Employee Recognition Program

Studies show that businesses with the highest levels of employee engagement are 22% more profitable than those with low levels of engagement.

It’s important to make time to praise employees for a job well done. Remember, people want to feel appreciated.

Employee recognition is all about acknowledging the hard work and accomplishments of an employee and team within your company. It helps to create an emotional connection with your employees and your company.

Wondering how you can show employee appreciation? Here, you’ll discover six amazing gift ideas for your employee recognition program for 2020.

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Six Employee Recognition Rewards Ideas


We live in a world of subscriptions. Right from Spotify Premium to Apple Music Plus, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Zomato Gold, and many more. Everyone these days has a playlist that is jarred by the occurrence of an ad. Or, they are missing out on some great content in their free time. 

Maybe someone likes to eat out frequently. The point is that you can make their lives easier by giving them a subscription to their preferred platform.

Gift Cards

Another wonderful way to express your gratitude to your hard-working employees is by giving them gift cards to a famous brand. There is no end to the choice of gift cards that you can give to your employees.

Be it Amazon, Flipkart, Zara, or beauty brands like Bodyshop, etc. you can choose from any of them depending upon the preferences of your employees. Alternatively, you can also gift them a meal voucher or a spa coupon that could make it a perfect day for them. After all, satisfied employees equal a happy organization.

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Gym/Fitness Membership

Staying physically healthy is a big contributor to feeling mentally and emotionally healthy. Reward your employees with a membership to a gym or other fitness program. Consider memberships to yoga and indoor cycling studios, too!

Finances can be a barrier to health for some employees. By providing them with a gym membership, you can remove this barrier.

Care Packages

Going to the office every single day and dedicating the entire day to work might seem easy, but it is actually a tough job. That’s why if your employees receive personal recognition for their hard work, not only does it bring a smile to their face but also makes them feel valued.

You can send your employees personally addressed things that make their day along with some snacks or chocolates. Care packages can include plenty of stuff right from key chains to chocolates, chips, cookies, muffins, and everything else in between.

Personalized Stuff

Who doesn’t love to have a mug on their work desk with their name on it? Or even a keychain for their vehicle that is as stylish as their engraved picture? 

Personalized stuff is really cool to have around and make your employees feel loved and valued by your organization. 

They are great for decorating laptops, drinking coffee, or placing in the kitchen as fridge magnets. You could even go ahead and get them a personalized pen or diary. Moreover, it reminds them that they are a part of your organization as a valued member. 

Personal Recognition

In case you are looking for low-cost options, you can also recognize the hard work done by your employees through a personal note written by an eminent member of your organization. It could be the Business Manager or the CEO, preferably a person at a higher designation. A simple note like this:

“Kim, your marketing report was excellent. The charts and graphs were well done and easy to read. I appreciate your hard work on this!”

It makes the employees feel that their work is being appreciated and highlighted at the senior management level. It’s thrilling and motivating at the same time to have such recognition. 

Make sure you take your time as an organization to handcraft a personal note that could in the form of a letter, email, etc. 

Next Step

Each of these rewards communicates your true appreciation and recognition for the hard work of your team members. Now it’s time to take action and implement these ideas. 

Are you wondering how you can improve employee engagement? Our guide to 25 employee engagement ideas and activities should be your next stop!

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