Qualities to be a Successful Researcher and Leader with Dr Ravi Sekhar Kasibhatta


This article is a lightly-edited summary of the key takeaways from our speakers’ appearance on our podcast, “The Shape of Work.” If you haven’t listened to our show yet, be sure to check it out here. These speakers have an incredible stable of startup experiences to draw from, the kind of stories that are unbelievably helpful for HR/people managers to hear.

On this episode of The Shape of Work, we have Dr. Ravi Sekhar Kasibhatta, a Clinical Research and Development Professional having more than 34 years of experience. 


Name of the guest: Dr. Ravi Sekhar Kasibhatta

What he does: Senior Vice President at Lupin Limited.

Find him on LinkedIn.

Get Smart: “There should be a learning zeal. There should be a fire. If you have it, I believe anywhere you can reach.”


In this episode, you will get valuable insights into:

  1. Paving the way towards being a good leader.
  2. Challenges while transitioning career paths.
  3. How difficult is it to work in the field of medical research and implement it as per the business requirement?
  4. Hybrid work model in the medical research domain.
  5. Leading the new joiners and the need of quality deliverables.


Paving the way towards being a good leader:

People automatically connect leadership to excellence. However, as Dr. Ravi mentions, it is an inclination to learn. For our guest, leadership is the motivation to learn how research is helping everyone.

He further mentions that every leader should have the desire to learn more and have an in-depth understanding of the dynamics of a basic individual. In his field, one learns through analyzing a person’s biochemical parameters, patient demographics, treatment, and data. All this is possible through the data and the numbers available. One has to put a lot of effort into understanding these numbers, their outcomes, and ways to make them more effective for managing patients.

To sum up, Dr. Ravi feels leaders must have a zeal for learning.

Challenges while transitioning career paths:

The main challenge that Dr. Ravi faced while transitioning his career was the different ways of working between the two fields. Academics do not have hard and fast rules to be followed. However, in chemical research, there are plenty of regulations. Every act by a researcher needs to be recorded well. Every action is taken as an evidential basis for the research outcomes.

In addition, chemical research involves a lot of work to pick the right product for the market. This research is a very challenging domain, and Dr. Ravi decided to take it up because of his motivation to learn and contribute to the community.

How difficult is it to work in the field of medical research and implement it as per the business requirement?

It becomes difficult when the research is converted to the benefit of commercialization. Dr. Ravi says that the molecule can be discovered, but it is important to design it. He further talks about the three elements- discover, design, deliver. These elements are important for every individual’s life. For this, the result of the task should be in mind. The nitty-gritty of the product and the development strategies should also be focused upon. One should build resilience to see a business opportunity.

If the fundamentals are not strong, the domain is not strong. As a result, delivery will not be possible. For the entire process, the source of manpower is needed. One cannot be present everywhere and every time. 

Hence, recruiting the right people and getting them trained continuously is very important. L&D should be on top of the curriculum, even in commercial organizations. All companies have to offer is knowledge sharing and engagement. As a result, these workers will run the show.

Hybrid work model in the medical research domain:

Dr. Ravi feels that Indian culture has been dependent on in-office work. Here, virtual communication can lead to miscommunication and misunderstandings. Hence, comprehension can make the hybrid work model a success. However, the kind of knowledge, tools, and modernization coming into the picture has made it very convenient. He further mentions that there has not been much difference in the field of medical research. Plenty of startups and big companies have worked on tools to make it easier for them. However, it might have been difficult for rural India. But these places are showing progress as well. The virtual platforms have created a different world of communication hence improving comprehension. The hybrid work model has been helpful to increase productivity and provide work-life balance.

However, our guest and his team do need to go to certain locations for different reasons. Getting permissions has been challenging for them at times. 

But, overall, human connectivity has improved. It proves as a benefit for businesses as one needs to understand the end consumer’s requirements. The hybrid work model can work with the correct training, recruitment, and learning.

Leading the new joiners and the need of quality deliverables:

Dr. Ravi says that plenty of resources are available. The problem lies in knowledge sharing. Here, the experts should give the new joiners opportunities to understand and motivate them. Motivation will allow more deliverables. But, more importantly, they need to walk the talk. They cannot defend their opinions and not have an openness towards other ideas. People should feel that their leaders are there for them.

He further talks about quality checks in a business. A company should be sure about the quality it is offering to the customers. It requires a lot of effort to understand this entire strategy behind the business. Dr. Ravi segregates into three points:

What– the objective behind starting the business.

Why– why is it required?

How– how is it achievable?

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