Best Puzzle Games on Zoom

9 Best Puzzle Games on Zoom for Virtual Team Building

According to a study, “Virtual teams can surpass in-person teams if they receive enough support, communication, and virtual team building.” But when your team members work remotely, it can be challenging to foster team-building culture. 

How do you then build a sense of togetherness and create engagement in your team?

That is where virtual puzzles for team building come in. Engage your team with these fun activities, boost their morale and improve their sense of belonging. Here is a list of our favorite puzzle games for Zoom. 

Puzzle Games for Zoom Meetings

Here are some fun puzzle games your team can play on Zoom.

1. Codenames

An action-packed and super fun game, codenames is a two-team game. There is a set of 25 codenames arranged in a 5X5 grid. Every team has a spymaster who helps their team members identify which codenames belong to their group. 

Codenames online is a free web game that enables the moderator to create a private virtual room. Share the URL of the room with your team and start identifying your codenames.


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2. Remote Bingo

Are your long team meetings stressing your team out? 

Create a bingo card and play a quick game to charge them up within minutes. The moderator calls out a random phrase and waits for team members to find a card for that phrase. If they find it, they will mark it. 

Once a player has completed marking any vertical, horizontal, or diagonal lines, they say “Bingo!” The moderator then verifies their answers and rewards them. 

So, isn’t Remote Bingo one of the best puzzle games for Zoom?

remote work bingo

You can play bingo with online tools such as Bingo Baker. You will need to share a URL that generates a unique bingo card for each member. 

Or, you can also create a personalized bingo card and share it with your teammates. They can use MS Paint or other tools to mark their cards. 

Have a look at some bingo templates to help you create one for your organization.

3. Pictionary

Pictionary is a game almost everyone knows and enjoys. But do you know how to play a pictionary game on zoom? 

Split your team into groups. Pick a Pictionary word generator so that you don’t go out of ideas. Now ask each member of a team to draw words using the “Whiteboard” feature on Zoom. Give their partners 60 seconds to guess the word and award the person who does it the fastest. 

4. #AskAway

Are your meetings getting boring? Try this quick icebreaker game to get to know your coworkers better.

#AskAway gives participants a chance to know more about their colleagues. You might find someone on your team who might have the same taste in music as you do! 

And what’s more? It is super easy to install. Just go to the Zoom Marketplace and search for “AskAway.” Then, give the app required permissions and bridge the gap between your new and old coworkers.

Ask Away

5. Just Say the Word!

Spice up your Zoom video calls with this fun game. Play in teams of two or play together. The aim is to identify as many words as possible without saying the forbidden words. For example, how can you describe “Grasshopper” without grass, insects, etc.? 

Come up with creative ways to describe words and compete against the opposing team to have some fun.

Just say the word

6. Mafia

Mafia, a mystery-solving challenge, is a fun team game where one of the players is the “killer” or the “mafia.”  It is everyone else’s job to find out who the mafia is. There are also a couple of different roles like “doctor,” “detective,” etc., to increase the fun quotient. 

Click here to know more about how to play Mafia on Zoom.

7. Scavenger Hunt

If you are like all others, you will know how exciting Scavenger Hunt is! And it is as fun and simple to play online as well. 

Create a list of compelling questions related to your website, company values, and people. Then, use Quizizz on Zoom to engage your people and complete the puzzle. You can also use apps such as Scavify or CameraHunt

8. Jigsaw puzzles

When was the last time your team went through your company website pages? If you are like all others, I am pretty sure it would be a long time ago. This fun puzzle game for Zoom meetings will help your people relax and make them aware of your company. 

Don’t understand how? 

Create an image with anything related to your company, or take a screenshot of your website page. Then, use Im-a-puzzle to create a jigsaw puzzle out of this image, and let your team solve it. The fastest team member to solve this virtual puzzle on zoom wins!

Jigsaw puzzle

9. Crossword puzzles for Zoom meetings

There are many ways to play Zoom crossword puzzles. You can either share the URL or your screen with your teammates while you all solve it!

So, what are you waiting for? Use our list of super-fun puzzle games for Zoom meetings and bring in some excitement to the team!

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