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This article is a lightly-edited summary of the key takeaways from our speakers’ appearance on our podcast, “The Shape of Work.” If you haven’t listened to our show yet, be sure to check it out here. These speakers have an incredible stable of startup experiences to draw from, the kind of stories that are unbelievably helpful for HR/people managers to hear.

In this episode, we have Pranesh Chaudhary, founder and CEO of Zunpulse.


Name of the guest: Pranesh Chaudhary

What he does: Founder and CEO of Zunpulse.

Find him on LinkedIn.

Get Smart: Hiring is not an easy job but a very important one. As they say- people, paisa (money), and PR are the most important aspects of a business.


  1. The challenges the startup faced during the lockdown
  2. Hiring in a startup
  3. Ensuring a good onboarding experience
  4. People management in a startup
  5. People management skills for entrepreneurs


The challenges the startup faced during the lockdown:

Pranesh talks about two aspects: 

  1. Industry aspect- They have to look for consumer needs and changing demands.
  2. Company aspect- How they change as a company.

During the lockdown, as people started working from home, electricity consumption increased. Thus the demand for solar products and solar rooftop services increased. However, at the same time, they faced challenges regarding the delivery and installation of the same. Plenty of changes were made in the supply process and the policies.

Moreover, plenty of orders placed before the lockdown were stuck.

Hiring in a startup:

Most startups hire people through personal connections at the beginning level. Zunpulse similarly had their first few hires. When they started scaling, they realized the need to hire at a rapid pace. The company picked up freshers such that they could be more open to being trained accordingly. In tech, however, they chose experienced professionals.

Ensuring a good onboarding experience:

Someone working in a company for more than a year knows the company well. However, as a new joiner, one might feel out of place. Hence, companies must provide them with the right onboarding experience. 

Pranesh’s company conducts a buddy program for the new joiners. They ensure trackers to see if everything is provided to them on time. In addition, everyone in the leader group interacts with a particular person. The key is to be a bit more patient with them.

People management in a startup:

During the start of Zunpulse, everything was according to Pranesh’s previous experience. Like every other startup, they had to work in a fast-paced environment and make rapid decisions. However, as they have scaled up a little, they have more objective processes in their career. They focus on the ‘right level of unlocking.’

They maintain a transparent work environment with effective performance management. The company follows a simple guideline- there will always be people who will feel they are not being promoted. But whoever does, deserves it.

People management skills for entrepreneurs:

Pranesh says that people management skills are required for any field, not just entrepreneurship. One can be good in multiple skills, but they need to focus on people skills the most. They should care enough for people. You should have the right empathy for people, identify with people, and be genuine.

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