Parkinson Canada Case Study Trivia

Enhancing Camaraderie at Parkinson Canada with Trivia


Company SizeIndustryChallenges
80+Non-profit Organization
  • Fostering cross-team connections and promoting collaboration in an engaging manner
  • Providing employee engagement options for a fully remote team working in a mentally demanding environment
  • Finding an employee engagement app integrated with Microsoft Teams
  • Restoring human engagement rates to pre-pandemic levels

Parkinson Canada serves as the national voice for over 100,000 Canadians affected by Parkinson’s disease. This non-profit organization empowers the Parkinson’s community through tailored programs and services, innovative research, and advocacy for all Canadians impacted by Parkinson’s.


The Challenge

Parkinson Canada, an 80+ strong remote workforce, sought automated employee engagement solutions primarily for their recently merged philanthropy and events teams. They aimed to facilitate cross-team collaboration, build connections, and enable their employees to take quick, rejuvenating breaks. 

Some of the challenges were:

  • Encouraging employees to engage with each other in a fun way beyond screens
  • Breaking down silos and initiating conversations beyond work
  • Finding an employee engagement app compatible with Microsoft Teams
  • Building strong connections within Teams
  • Restoring employee enjoyment and engagement to pre-pandemic levels

The team at Parkinson Canada recognized the importance of providing employees with sufficient breaks from their demanding work in healthcare programs, patient counseling, and community support.

Previous attempts at organizing engagement activities, such as creating PowerPoint games or sharing memes before meetings, proved labor-intensive and less effective.


The Solution

After searching for online team-building apps that integrated with Microsoft Teams, Parkinson Canada discovered Trivia and opted for a 90-day all-inclusive trial. The introduction of Trivia to the philanthropy and events teams was met with enthusiasm, as employees enjoyed Instant Quizzes, Water Cooler prompts, Pictionary, Image Quizzes, and Gotcha!

The team appreciated Trivia’s automation, seamless integration with MS Teams, and its ability to engage a fully remote team without requiring additional app downloads or time-consuming game creation.

  • Instant Quizzes with 50+ categories
  • Automated employee engagement solution
  • Microsoft 365-certified app with seamless integration
  • Multiple game formats and team bonding features

The team looks forward to the games every day and enjoys them thoroughly.

The Result

Trivia is a value add for the team at Parkinson Canada. It has boosted employee morale and helped them create stronger bonds with a fully remote team.

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