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How MyCaptain increased User Satisfaction and NPS with Albus


2,50,000 – If you’re wondering about this number, then it represents the number of individuals MyCaptain has helped to chart new career paths.

MyCaptain is an Indian online education platform that offers mentor-led cohort courses in high-demand fields like UI/UX design, digital marketing, business analytics and more.

Their aim is to assist working professionals in transitioning to the careers they aspire to. MyCaptain primarily operates on live cohort courses and follows a community model. Within the community, learners can discuss among themselves and even ask questions to mentors (Captains), who are industry experts in their respective fields.


MyCaptain has a strong focus on mentorship, with industry professionals guiding students in their chosen fields. However they were primarily facing challenges over there.

MyCaptain’s mentees are primarily working professionals learning new skills during their limited off-hours. What it means that most mentees had pressing questions late at night when mentors were unavailable. They had to wait for 10-12 hours before receiving responses.  The long waiting time not only disrupted the mentees’ study momentum but also affected overall user satisfaction and Net Promoter Score (NPS) of the program.

On the flip side, mentors were bombarded with surface-level inquiries when they logged in.This left little room for dedicated attention by mentors to the nuanced questions that could truly develop mentees’ critical thinking.

The challenge was clear: bridging the gap between timely assistance and the mentorship depth MyCaptain aspired to deliver.

Albus Discovery:

To address the above-mentioned challenges, Kaustabh from MyCaptain’s program team began searching for a solution. “We wanted to provide timely assistance to mentees, even during odd hours,” Kaustabh said. “The right mix of automation and human mentor intervention is crucial. And whatever we implement should integrate deeply with Slack, since that’s where all the action happens.

This led them to zero in on Albus, primarily for two reasons: a) seamless integration and the functionality to find information right within Slack, and b) the option to find answers from the company wiki and online data.

How Albus Helps:

I love how easily Albus is trainable,” said Kaustabh. “Albus can learn on its own – we don’t have to constantly feed it data or worry about updates.”

It’s a total game-changer considering all the dynamic information flowing in the community and documents. The automatic retraining of data ensured Albus only provided relevant, accurate answers no matter how quickly their data expanded or shifted.

Kaustabh also highlighted Albus’ ability to tap external knowledge as a huge plus. As he put it, “Even for nuanced questions beyond our internal content, Albus can suggest resources or guide mentees until a mentor is available.”

Albus doesn’t just rely on internal content. It has access to information available on the internet which enables it to engage with mentees on a wide range of topics and keeps the conversation flowing by pointing mentees in the right direction. For instance, mentees can provide a job description and Albus will generate potential interview questions to practice.

“Albus can answer repetitive questions using its knowledge base, saving mentors and our team time from answering the same questions over and over again,” shared Kaustabh.

In conclusion, after implementing Albus, MyCaptain saw tremendous results. Albus can now accurately answer mentees’ questions instantly, reducing their wait times from 10-12 hours down to seconds. Mentors are able to dedicate more time to high-level coaching instead of repeating basic information. All of this has helped MyCaptain to improve their satisfaction and NPS score dramatically.

Chintan Bavishi

Product Marketing Manager at Springworks.

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