My Experience at the World Blockchain Forum Dubai

After landing in Dubai, I made my way to the plush Madinat Jumeirah, where the conference was being held. As I entered the main conference hall, I was in awe with the sheer size of the event and the number of people there! There were over 1000 people spread across the presentation and networking areas, and the crowd comprised of investors, developers, CEOs and other key personalities in cryptocurrency space.

I had a chance to talk to Jason King of Academy just after he was done with his presentation, one which was very well received. We spoke about the shortage of blockchain developers and how it is a key blockade in development of blockchain applications.

The World Blockchain Forum also had several ICOs presenting as well as showcasing some very interesting projects in their talks and booths. One that caught my eye was the Impact PPA project, which is doing innovative work in the renewable energy space and has projects all over the world. In the middle of the bustling conference, I also had a chat with Vinay Gupta, who was previously the release manager of the Ethereum project and now runs Mattereum which deals with the legal compliance of smart contracts in different countries.

It was also a pleasure to meet Murat and Shadi from the 8760 team, and it was great to see their energy and enthusiasm during the entire length of the conference. We saw an amazing demo by the team from Sky Coin, which is a new-age censorship-resistant internet that uses the power of peer-to-peer communication and the blockchain to provide what they term as “blockchain internet”.

I also got to talk to people about SpringRole and what we are doing. There was great interest in the idea, and everybody saw tremendous value in what we have to offer! Verification of profiles and online data is an important issue that is seen as a legitimate gap that SpringRole is trying to solve. I gathered a lot of interest from the team at 8760 regarding this, and I also had a chat with Dheeraj Batra from Amplifi fund. We spoke at length about the value that SpringRole is adding to the industry, for which Dheeraj expressed his interest.

Networking events in the after-hours of the conference were a lot of fun. It was great to talk and mingle with people in the blockchain space, each one of us sharing our unique stories and insights. I also had a cab ride with the founder of Leonardo Render, a project that is tackling the problem of GPU rendering in a decentralized manner. They are solving a problem that I did not even know existed, something that people from the animation and movie making industry are hailing as a very practical application of blockchain technology in today’s world.

While heading back to the airport after the conference, I had a chance to share a ride with Simon from B21, and we shared our experiences and thoughts about the blockchain world. We spoke about a wide range of topics– what decentralization really means, trends in the crypto space that can be significant in the time to come, and more.

To sum up, I really enjoyed the experience at World Blockchain Forum. The conference ended with a vote of thanks, which I think is very relevant to mention here — in a decentralized world, there is no central authority—just a community of people passionate about the goals and ideals that it stands for. As long as the people of that community come together and work together, the potential of blockchain and cryptocurrencies can be realized and achieved. The power to change the world exists within the people who meet in such conferences and it was great seeing such a gathering come together.

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