MVR Check: Everything You should know about Motor Vehicle Records Check

MVR Check for Employers

When an applicant applies for a job in your company, you conduct many rounds to select the best candidate. But apart from selection tests and interviews, you also need to do a background check. One part of such a background check is the motor vehicle background check. The following is a complete guide to an MVR check for employers.

A job applicant is a possible asset to your company. If they apply for a job that requires significant driving, you need to make sure to do a driving records check. Let’s learn more about this.

What are MVR Checks?

An MVR background check refers to the driving history of a person. It forms a part of the background check process that employers carry out during the recruitment process.

Such records are for job roles like contractual drivers, drivers who deliver goods and services, workers who use official cars and motors.

All the information gathered through a driving background check will help you judge if the applicant is a credible driver or not. You will know they have ever driven under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Thus, you can gain insights into their habits and driving precedents and make a fair judgment based on evidence.

What Does an MVR Check Show?

A Motor Vehicle Records Check shows the information available on an employee’s driving license like license number, vehicle details, expiration date, name, date of birth, eyesight details, and issue date.

Such a pre-employment driving record check also includes information like:

  • Traffic violations details
  • Accidents and crimes on the road
  • Unpaid parking tickets and others.

If it is a negative report, the applicant should get a copy, along with time to correct any mistakes. If they don’t take any steps to make it right, you may take an adverse decision.

What are Continuous MVR Checks?

If the transport department regulates your industry, you will need continuous MVR background screening. It means checks are not limited to the beginning of the recruitment process only.

MVR monitoring continues on an ongoing basis. Regular updates help recover new information, which can be positive or negative. The person could be showing improvement in their driving etiquette, or they may have updated their license. There can also be new suspended licenses or new speeding tickets.

Importance of MVR Check for Businesses

Almost every industry has incorporated the MVR Check for employers. Any industry that requires the services of a driver will need such a check.

People driving others need to be responsible. Employers should make sure that the person behind the wheel knows what they are doing. Any records of vehicular violations can be a signal that they might repeat irresponsible behavior. Employers also have to ensure that properties that require transport are safe and well-managed while on the move. They might need timely delivery. Safety is the top priority. So the significance of the MVR Check for employers increases manifold.

A background check of the applicant’s driving record will let employers know if they have ever got into risky behavior. Speeding, breaking traffic signals, drinking and driving are some strict no-nos for a potential driver. It may be that law requires a person to drive only during the daytime due to eyesight issues. There can be other health and fitness issues. Employers need to know if that person meets all their needs.

An MVR Check for employers becomes as vital as any other background screening before hiring. Like checking on other criminal records, a driving record employment background check will help businesses make informed decisions.

How Can You Run An MVR Check?

Every state requires different sets of information and has a procedure to obtain it. So it is crucial to work with a trusted vendor who helps you with MVR checks. They can also help you interpret the outcomes.

Many agencies provide MVR and background check services if you plan to employ people in multiple states. MVR Services providers like SpringVerify can make it easier for you to manage MVR. With our help, you can get an MVR check online, get instant MVR reports, and integrate MVR with your other background checks.


You may not realize how many people are driving for you and how much risk it entails. They are representing you, and it makes you liable for their actions. So focus on a proper driving record background check to manage risks. SpringVerify is the perfect tool if you want the best background check experience. It will not only ensure safety but also help in brand building, save damage and legal costs.

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