Miguel Forbes Joins SpringRole’s Advisory Board

Just off the release of the Advisor Verification service, we’re pleased to welcome Miguel Forbes to our own advisory board. He is one of many leaders in business, finance, science, media, and technology who are now turning to the blockchain space to counsel promising ventures such as SpringRole.

Miguel’s lifelong work in business publications brings the outlook and clout needed to execute our vision for professional identity. Early in his career, Miguel co-founded Forbes.com and led the website’s expansion in over 20 countries including South Korea, Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Poland, Turkey, Romania, and Croatia. In 2005, Miguel was chosen as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum and later served as President of Worldwide Development at Forbes, Inc., expanding the business globally in Digital Media, Television, Education, Travel and Financial Service. His service on the President’s Global Council at New York University is key to Miguel’s role in optimizing SpringRole ’s verification of education credentials.

Miguel’s involvement in SpringRole also signals the platform’s growing esteem within reputable business circles for its valuable implementation of blockchain technology. Visionaries such as him understand that our attestation protocol helps recruiters save time and money that would otherwise be spent vetting a pool of candidates that might not add value to the company. Likewise, it provides job seekers with a service that accrues value for users when revenue is generated from selling their data.

Miguel on SpringRole

“The attestation protocol goes above and beyond any service on the market right now. I see great value in bringing this extra layer of trust and efficiency to professional networks and the hiring process of so many companies I’ve worked with in the past.”

Kartik on Miguel

“Miguel’s insights and know-how are incredibly valuable resources to us. The team and I look forward to working together with him as we take SpringRole’s solutions global. Now, we’re even more confident that our platform will scale appropriately.”

Other recent development at SpringRole include the launch of our own chain with hundreds of transactions and seamless operations on its Vanity and Attestations contracts. Also, the platform’s new Advisory Verification tool was featured on ProductHunt where it received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the community. The next step down the SpringRole roadmap is to launch the complete user profile with attestations for work experience and education before it becomes widely available to the market.

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