How to Use Microsoft Teams for Remote Workers and Stay Productive

Microsoft Teams for Remote Workers

Wondering how to use Microsoft Teams for remote workers? Want to make your team more productive with MS Teams?

This guide is for you!

In this guide, you’ll find some MS Teams hacks and apps to improve your remote team’s productivity.

Want to learn MS Teams basics? Read this ULTIMATE guide now.

Microsoft Teams for Remote Workers

1. Add Teammates to the Conversation

Click Add people (or View and add participants in a group chat) in the top right corner of Teams >>> Enter the names of the people you’d like to chat with >> Select how much of the chat history to include >>> And click Add.

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2. Share file in private or group chat with your remote teams

Choose file beneath the box where you type your message in a channel, or go to the Files tab >>> And select Upload.

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3. Start an Instant Meeting With your Team

To start an instant channel meeting: Go to Teams on the left side >>> Choose the channel you want to meet in from the list >>>  Select Meet now under the area where you type a message >>> Give your meeting a title >>> Hit Join now >>> Start inviting people.

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4. Schedule a Live Event

In Teams, select Calendar >>> And then New meeting >>> At the top of the scheduler, select New meeting >>>> New live event >>> Enter meeting titles and details >>> add the names of your event group >>> Select Next >>> Under Live event permissions, choose who can attend your live event >>> Select Schedule to add the event to your and your event group’s calendars.

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5. View or export a list of users who attended a meeting

If you’ve organized a Teams meeting, you can save a record of who’s attended it.

During the meeting, select Show participants  >>> And choose Download attendee list.

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6. Set your status 

You can set your status message to include details you want others to see in Teams. This gives people more information about what you’re up to.

Go to your profile pic at the top of Teams >>> And select Set status message >>> Enter your message >>> Choose when you want the message to stop displaying >>> Click Send.

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7. Add Team Picture to give your team personality

Select More options next to the team name >>> Select Manage team to find Members, Channels, Settings, and Apps for your team all in one place >>> Select Settings >>> Team picture.

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8. @mention A Teammate

To get someone’s attention, type @, then their name (or pick them from the list that appears). Type @team to message everyone in a team or @channel to notify everyone who favorited that channel. 

feature 8

9. Edit a File

Open the file in edit mode inside Teams and you can start making changes right away. To open an Office file on the web or in its desktop app, right-click the file or select More options icon in Teams on the right side of the app.

feature 9

10. Turn off notifications for specific conversations

Go to the beginning of a conversation in a channel, then go to the top right corner of the message and select More options icon >>> Turn off notifications.

feature 10

In the Post tab where conversations happen >>> select Choose file beneath the box where you type your message >>> Then select Browse Teams and Channels >>> Select the file, then select Share a link.

feature 11

12. Stay on Top of Things with Activity and Notifications

Click the Activity icon on the left. The Feed shows you all your notifications and everything that’s happened lately in the channels you follow. To set up notifications for a channel, Select three dotted lines next to the channel name >>> then Channel notifications.

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13. Stay organized with Planner

In your team channel, select Add a tab +.>>> In the Add a tab dialog box, choose Planner >>> Create a new plan to make a new Planner plan and add it as a tab to this channel >>>  Then select Save.


14. Forward Emails into a Channel

Go to the channel name >>> And click More options three dotted icons >>> Get email address.


Find the right app for your remote work needs

Here you’ll find some amazing MS Teams apps that can help in improving collaboration and engagement in remote work scenarios.

Standup Apps

Agile Polly

Keep everyone in the loop, stay organized, and save time with AgilePolly for Microsoft Teams. AgilePolly’s asynchronous standups keep the team aligned with quick and easy updates right in the channel. 

agile polly


ScrumGenius is a Microsoft Teams-integrated application that allows teams to perform virtual, asynchronous daily standup meetings directly through chat.



Meetings are Better with Decisions. Prepare and run meetings more efficiently. Construct agendas, run meetings, and track outcomes directly in Teams.


Whiteboarding App


Draw, plan, and collaborate with your team on an infinite whiteboard – in real-time. Freehand is an infinite whiteboard where your team can co-draw, wireframe, plan, present, and give feedback.



Create new murals or bring existing ones into your Teams workspace, and then contribute and edit directly inside of the Channel to enable seamless collaboration. Transform how you collaborate – visually.



Award-winning mind map editor for brainstorming, note-taking, project planning, and tons of other creative tasks. MindMeister is completely web-based, which means there’s no download and no updating. Capture, develop, and share ideas visually.


Employee Recognition Apps


Celebrate your company culture and values. Bring your culture online by making your mission and values visible and actionable with Disco.



EngageWith is a peer-to-peer employee reward and recognition platform that helps foster a culture of recognition. It enhances employee engagement and helps the organization celebrate accomplishments – both big and small.



Recognize colleagues in the Achievers app without leaving Microsoft Teams. Achievers combine the highest-adopted employee recognition software with the Allie Active Listening Interface to deliver a complete employee engagement solution.


Survey Apps


With Qubie for Microsoft Teams you can unleash the power of insights in the moment, where your colleagues and teammates are already working and collaborating.



Make better decisions with real-time feedback and get notified and anonymously respond to your regular TINYpulse surveys at any time while in Microsoft Teams, giving actionable feedback to your leaders.


Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey helps you to gather feedback from your colleagues on any topic and collect results in real-time. And share results with your team quickly and efficiently with advanced anonymity and privacy options.

survey monkey

Other Tools


Trivia is the new way to connect with your remote team while playing exciting quizzes on Slack and Microsoft Teams! Get summarised results at the end of every Trivia quiz and find your very own Quizzard!


Tracking Time

TrackingTime helps companies manage their projects and tasks, track working times and measure productivity. To use the app, users need to have an active account in Tracking time.

tracking time


AttendanceBot can be summed up as the one app to track vacations and PTOs, sick days, work from home and remote work, employee shift planning and hours. It is especially helpful for remote teams.

attendace bot


Why Should I use Microsoft Teams for Remote Workers?

Unlike email, MS Teams improves remote employees’ productivity, collaboration, and team culture. It has cool features like document collaboration, one-on-one chat, group chat, video conferencing, meeting notes, and more.

How do I use Microsoft Teams for engaging remote teams?

Read this article to learn how to use MS teams for engaging remote employees (Above mentioned).

How to learn MS Teams basics?

Read this complete guide to learn more about Microsoft Teams.

Want to bring your teams together? Trivia is the new way to connect with your remote team while playing exciting quizzes on Slack and Microsoft Teams. Get Your Free Trial Now!

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