How to Master the Art of Employee Recognition: 11 Unique Examples In Action!

employee recognition

It’s not easy to come up with creative ways to recognize and reward your teammates for their great work.

But don’t worry!

We put together a list of unique examples from some of our favorite companies across the globe. Just like the people and the contributions, they’re celebrating, these recognition techniques are unique.

1. Paypal India

Paypal India’s performance-based awards recognize the actions, behaviors, accomplishments, and performance of all full- and part-time employees. 

Employees nominated for this award should display the highest level of judgment, innovative thinking, commitment, and passion for the job. 

Cash prize awards are Cosmic Kudos (INR 10,000), Blue Moon (INR 15,000), and Shining Star (INR 20,000).

paypal India

2. FullContact

FullContact has a “Paid, Paid Vacation” concept. They give employees $7500 to go on vacation. 

But there are a few rules: Employees have to go on vacation, or you don’t get the money. Employees must disconnect. Employees can’t work while on vacation.


3. Chobani

Chobani sends a “This Month on Bonusly!” email to managers to promote an ongoing culture of recognition and encourage them to continue recognizing their direct reports. Everyone’s participation is meaningful.


4. Hubspot

Hubspot co-founder Dharmesh Shah believes in employee learning and development, both professionally and personally, to make them better, smarter, quicker, and to enable them to always be growing. 

Hubspot provides ongoing learning opportunities like the Free Books Program, the [email protected] online platform, a mini-MBA Fellows program, HubTalks, workshops, and more.


Legal Monkey’s Appreciation Board allows every employee to write down comments and positive feedback to fellow staff members. 

The use of social media comes to play subsequently when they share the Appreciation Board comments on their Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Legal Monkeys

6. REI

REI has created a user-friendly online “company campfire” that allows the retailer’s top managers to share their ideas and their employees to comment. 

Diana Kowalsy, REI’s internal communications manager, explained: 

“We let executives say what they want. We really try to push them to let that be a personal connection to employees. You don’t always have to talk about business. You can talk about a book or a trip you took.”


7. Metis Communications

After you’ve worked for the company for four years, you get the fourth week of vacation every year, and after five years of employment, employees are eligible for Friday vacation days in the summer.


8. SnackNation

Each Friday afternoon, SnackNation team comes together to recognize another team member’s hard work and efforts during that week. Watch SnackNation’s employee recognition hack – “Crush It Call.”

9. Snapchat

Snapchat gives an adoption reimbursement of up to $10,000. Adopting parents are also given 8 weeks of paid leave to bond with the new child.


10. Dribble

Dribble loves creating extra-special rewards that are specific to their team’s unique culture. They use Cameo to get celebrity shout-outs for their teammates that are funny, unexpected, and memorable—Rebecca Black, Sean Astin, and Flavor Flav have all made appearances at their team meetings in the past year!

11. Urban Bound

UrbanBound throws employees a jacket ceremony and celebration, which involves a friendly Pictionary match, drinks, and dinner. A tradition from day one, the company plans on maintaining it even as its staff continues to grow. The company also hosts a quarterly Champion’s Dinner.

Urban bound

With those strategies in mind, you can implement your own unique and creative employee recognition ideas, and start building a recognition-rich company culture.

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