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Uday Mittal started his journey at Sprinworks as a software development intern. He is an undergraduate student at Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology where he is completing his bachelor’s in technology. Uday spent his childhood at Bhiwani and later relocated to Delhi. He plays football, badminton and also writes occasionally. Currently, he works as a software development engineer for EngageWith.

Here’s a take on his journey. 

My journey at Springworks as an SDE

I don’t think I would have gotten an opportunity at Springworks if not for Bhumika. Our friendship goes way back and I give her all the credit for always talking about her life at Springworks and her experiences. After our school days, I had taken a step back to figure out what I wanted to study or do further. I didn’t enrol myself in B.tech until I was passionate about it. Bhumika started her internship at Springworks while I was in my third year and I was interning at another place. I heard a lot about Springworks and I applied as soon as I heard about an opening.

I have been a part of Springworks since February 2022. It’s been a great year. The opportunities, learnings and challenges make me think, re-learn and unlearn. Not many organizations allow interns to lead tasks but here one is trusted and given the platform to own work. I have been enjoying work since my first day.

A year ago, my journey began when I was referred by Bhumika. I had my first conversation with Bhargavi. I remember creating a loom video and completing assignments. After which, I also had two technical interviews and an HR round with Rohan. Springworks has the best-structured hiring process. I received constant updates and emails on my next rounds. The process was seamless and I received my offer letter in 3 days.

Kudos to Kartik for focussing on async communication. It saves a lot of time and helps one to focus on other things. I was added to a WhatsApp group with important stakeholders where I was told what would happen next.

Every step and process was brief and clear starting from background verification to my first-day induction. The concept of buddy and manager meetings before joining the organization was impressive. I was sold on that idea. Although our workspace is Slack it never felt like I was working online. That’s how comfortable and updated I was.

Even after joining, there were constant follow-ups by the HR team and Kartik always checked up. I felt good as everyone in my team or across teams kept reaching out and following up. This hasn’t changed till today. Springworks is truly a great place to work at.

What do I do at Springworks? 

I started working on frontend development and when I felt I could take up more I transitioned towards backend tasks. I work as a full-stack developer for EngageWith and oversee development tasks for Slack and MS teams.

Keeping work aside,  I have found the best set of friends and teammates over here. Everyone is swift in their responses and always got each other’s back. We always look after our work and sometimes get together on a call and complete our work. 

Why do I like working at Springworks ?

The flexible working hours allow me to prioritize my work and fix a routine. I am not a morning person so I don’t start work early. My status on Slack will say “active” from 11 am to 3 pm. I go for a break and then resume work. I set myself away after 8 or 9 pm every day. Over the week, we have a team huddle and a product meeting. 

Irrespective of being remote the People Ops team comes up with fun activities and offsites. I really cannot imagine how hard it must be to organize it but they execute it well. I had the opportunity to be a part of two offsites in a span of one year and I got to know a lot of people across teams and had a lot of fun.

Here my opinions can be voiced out and they are heard. It’s a great morale boost. This helps me to track the areas where I need to improve and set goals accordingly. Sometimes when things go south or aren’t clear, I have the privilege to DM Kartik or my manager. They get back at the earliest. Now, how often does that happen in organizations?

The benefits, policies and products at Springworks make us unique and a great place to work at. I have been working on EngageWith for a while now and I love that tool and concept on the whole. Our new product, Albus, is very cool and interesting. The product gets better every day and it is fun to use.

I am looking forward to learning and exploring new things at Springworks. 

Sneak-Peek into my life outside Springworks

After work, I spend time playing games with my friends and then I spend time with my family. On the weekends, I spend my time reading books and writing everything that pops into my head xD. I am a “Potterhead” too. 

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