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Life at Springworks: A Day In The Life Of An Operations Intern 

Born in Jaipur, Surbhi Jain has always loved painting since she was a little kid. Remarkably, she remained closely associated with the same university from her preschool days all the way through her completion of an MBA. She has a bachelor’s degree in computer applications, but she grew tired of spending all her time with computers. She yearned for something new and exciting! Deep down, she had a secret dream of becoming a doctor and helping people, but she’s happy with the career she chose. Surbhi has been passionate about art and science. It has been an exciting and surprising journey for her. She’s happy with where she is now, doing what she loves.

Let’s have a look at her journey as an Operations intern at Springworks!

My Journey at Springworks as an Operations Intern

I enrolled in a Human Resource Management course offered by upGrad, where I had the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and practical skills. What intrigued me the most about this course was the provision of job placements. During the placement drive, Springworks caught my attention, and I became curious to learn more about the company and the specific role it had to offer.

Considering my fondness for exploring new things, the field of Operations seemed like an exciting and unfamiliar territory for me. Without hesitation, I decided to take a leap and apply for the role. I believed that stepping into this new domain would present me with unique challenges and valuable growth opportunities.

The hiring process for Springworks commenced, and I was fortunate to have a brief call with Bhargavi, which provided me with valuable insights into both the company and the role I was interested in. The culture of Springworks resonated with me deeply, and I felt a strong desire to be associated with such a dynamic organization.

As part of the selection process, I was assigned a task on Trello, which required me to showcase my skills. This was followed by two interviews conducted by Sefali and Sumanth, where they assessed my suitability for the role. These interviews provided me with an opportunity to highlight my abilities and align them with the company’s expectations.

After the initial rounds, I proceeded to the HR round, where I had the chance to discuss various aspects and company policies. This final step in the process gave me a comprehensive understanding of the terms and conditions associated with joining the company.

Upon receiving my offer letter, I was promptly added to a WhatsApp group that kept me updated with essential information and follow-ups. The buddy and manager meetings proved invaluable, providing guidance and setting expectations. On my first day, the HR team conducted an induction session, followed by a team meeting to meet colleagues. I received the necessary documents and checklists, and shortly after, my training commenced. 

I must say that the entire hiring process was exceptionally well-organized and proved to be immensely helpful. Having the opportunity to connect with Bhargavi and engage in conversations with Sefali, Sumanth, and the HR team not only gave me a sense of familiarity but also enabled me to delve deeper into the specifics of the role and the company. This thorough process undoubtedly instilled a sense of confidence and excitement as I prepared to embark on this new professional journey.

My journey at Springworks has been truly transformative. Along the way, I’ve learned valuable lessons and built strong bonds with my amazing teammates. Collaborating with my colleagues has been an incredible experience. We have bonded over shared experiences, celebrating milestones together, and providing support during challenging times. As I reflect on my time here, I’m grateful for the learning experiences, cherished connections and support. I’m excited to continue this journey, contribute my skills, and take up new opportunities at Springworks.

What do I do at Springworks?

As a member of the Quality Check team in Operations, my role involves reviewing the background verification (BGV) reports. I examine the overall report, ensuring its accuracy, adherence to the prescribed format, and proper upload of documents. I contribute to maintaining the standards of quality and accuracy in the BGV process. 

Here are a few things I love about Springworks

I am truly fond of the flexibility and freedom that remote work offers, especially the ability to set my own working hours. With my schedule from 1 pm to 10 pm, I find it ideal for concentrating on various tasks and priorities. I kickstart my day, with a brief team huddle where we discuss work updates and set targets for ourselves. The flexibility in working hours helps me to take ownership of my tasks and complete them at my own pace.

Although I initially had limited experience in Operations and background verification, the support and guidance from my team, manager, and Sukrutha have helped me overcome any obstacles and enhance my skills in these areas. Working with my team has been a delight, as we not only engage in discussions but also enjoy informal sessions where we bond and share stories beyond work.

Springworks offers a range of innovative benefits and policies that I truly appreciate. The Agile and innovative approach is evident in perks such as the LifeStyle Spending Account and Workation, which are my personal favourites. The former allows me to relax and unwind by subscribing to my favourite OTT platforms, while the latter gives me the opportunity to enjoy a vacation while working remotely. I must also mention how cool and helpful our products like Trivia, EngageWith, and Albus are. They serve as valuable tools in my day-to-day tasks and contribute to a lively and dynamic work environment.

The presence of new and enjoyable experiences at work constantly breaks the monotony, ensuring that every day holds something exciting and fun.

Sneak-Peek into my life outside Springworks – 

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time doing arts and crafts. I also love being with my niece and taking care of household chores. I’m a social person and enjoy spending my weekends catching up with friends and family, talking and having a good time.

One of my favourite things to do is travel and explore new places. Recently, I had the chance to go to Rishikesh and try river rafting, which was really exciting. I also have plans to visit many more places this year, and I hope I get to visit all the places on my list.

Doing creative activities, being with loved ones, and going on adventures are all important parts of my life outside of work.

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