Life At Springworks: A Day In The Life of A SDE Intern 

Meet Shashank Kumar, who hails from Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. He completed his education in Nodia and currently he is pursuing his bachelor’s in technology from NIT, Meghalaya. Before joining Springworks as an SDE Intern, he interned at Surveyaan. While he isn’t working, he watches web series and listens to music.

Let’s take a look at his journey!

Why did you choose Springworks and what excites you about working here?

I was looking for internships on Linkedin and I came across a post from Springworks which made me go to the website and read about the company. I loved everything about Springworks. The practices and professionalism are commendable. There is so much respect and warmth amidst all. It’s great working here, as I am able to pace things out and make use of the flexible working hours.

 What do you do as an SDE Intern at Springworks?

As an SDE intern, I work with the trivia team. My job focuses on the front-end development of the Trivia dashboard. I use React and Redux in this process. Initially, I used to develop the UI for the Trivia dashboard and features too. Now, I fixate on bugs that arise on the dashboard. 

 What have been your greatest learnings and challenges to date?

Every time you start somewhere, there will be challenges as every company and team has its ways. When I started my internship, I did face a few blockers and issues with respect to Github and the skills required to complete my tasks. With time I have picked things up and I understand the entire version control of GitHub. Every day I take away something new with myself. It’s difficult to put them in words but I have learned a lot here.

How was your Hiring and Onboarding Process?

It was very professional and streamlined. I really loved how the team followed up constantly and gave updates on the next step. Once I had applied for the internship, I received a call from Suchika who took me through the entire process. I had a short online assignment which was followed by two rounds of interviews. After I completed them, I was told that I would be offered the role of an SDE Intern. Within a few instances, a WhatsApp group was formed and I received my welcome goodies. Adding on, I also had my buddy and manager meet before my first day.
On my date of joining, I had my onboarding and induction by Karthik I which was followed by a team meeting. I was given a KT on my tasks and work. It was very systematic and structured. 

Walk us through your day, Shashank 

My day starts at 10 am and I take close to an hour to get ready for work. I log in for work at 11 am and look at my pending tasks. I clear tickets and look after other things. Some days there are huddles or Standups. The rest of my hours are dedicated and focused towards work. I try to learn as much as I can. I take a nap at 3 pm and work till 9 – 10 pm. There are days I log off by 07:30 pm. After work, I unwind by watching Anime.

How is it to work with the Trivia team?

Oh! my team is great. They are ready to help everyone and we share a great bond. There is no friction or hesitation at all. No matter how busy they are, as soon as one needs help, they pitch in. I love collaborating and working with them. We also have team lunches which help us get to know one another.

What has been your favourite day at work so far?

There have been many great moments and good days at Springworks. I really cannot name any one instance. All I can say I enjoy working here every day and I like what I do. I always wanted to work on React and I am getting to do something I yearned for. There was a day when I was working on a certain feature for Trivia. The minute I completed it I received Kudos more than getting recognised, the satisfaction I felt after completing it has no words to describe.

What’s your personal favourite between EngageWith and Trivia?

Although I work for Trivia, I have to say my brownies points are for EngageWith. I love the entire concept and idea of the platform. Employee recognition is a must and it’s the best way to motivate and uplift the morale of employees. 

Sneak – Peek into your life outside Springworks!

When I am not found working, I love watching web series and Anime. Currently, I am on Hero Academia season 6 and Blue Lock. Although I am not an artist, sometimes I love drawing and sketching. I am a laze-at-home kind of person so I spend most of my time indoors. 

My journey at Springworks has been great and I have learned a lot more than I could imagine. 

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Megha K

I am an HR executive at Springworks. I curate employee stories and strive towards better work culture

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