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Life At Springworks: A Day In The Life Of A QA Intern

Meet Nagashree Hegde, a Potterhead from Uttara Kannada, Karnataka. She completed her computer science graduation from NMAM Institute of Technology, Karnataka. After graduation, she started to prepare herself for banking exams. She didn’t want to work as a developer and hence started to explore other career paths. Recently, while exploring other courses and prospects, she learned about quality assurance and manual testing. Nagashree’s interest grew towards QA and she started to work as a QA intern at Springworks. She joined the company on 25th April 2022.

Let’s have a look at her journey!

Why did you choose QA?

When I was pursuing my computer science engineering, all my classmates and friends wanted to become software developers and analysts. I never wanted to be a developer. I didn’t do proper research and thought this was the only path. Hence, after graduating, I started to prepare for banking exams. In this process, I got hitched. My husband told me about the different roles a computer science engineer can choose. He told me about QA and I really got driven towards this role. I started to upskill myself towards QA and I applied at Springworks.

What do you do as a QA intern at Springworks?

As a QA intern at Springworks, I do manual testing and test bugs. I focus on improving the software development process and preventing defects in production. I have been closely associated with SpringHire. Every time a project has been assigned by the clients, I do the quality check and testing of the software with my team and then we release them.

What made you join Springworks?

I decided to start my career as a QA engineer. I started to apply on many job portals. Either they look for a minimum of 2 years of experience or recruiters start to ghost me. I started to receive many fake calls and job offers. I had given up. That’s when I heard about Springworks through my relative. I read about the company and the skills required to join the QA team. It’s a great opportunity to start my career as a QA intern. Hence, I applied.

How was your Hiring & Onboarding Process?

I was referred to by Shilpa Joshi. She works as a QA Engineer at Springworks. Within a day, I received a call from the hiring team. I had a brief telephonic interview and an assignment. After the submission of my assignment, my interviews were scheduled. At my first interview, I was anxious and I had complicated my responses. Moving on to my last & final round of interview, I realized my mistakes and I calmed myself. I was confident and things went well. The interviewers were very patient and kind. I established a great rapport and understood my work. 

I loved the idea of having buddy and manager meetings before my first day. As a fresher, it’s always great to know someone in the company before you join. My buddy, Wasim explained the projects the team was working on and where I could pitch in. My manager laid down my tasks and oriented me on the work schedule. After my onboarding, I had a team meeting and I started to work on the project that was assigned to me.

What is your personal favourite among EngageWith & Trivia?

I like both of them. But EngageWith is my favourite because I received “Kudos” on my first day. I felt really happy and recognised. It encourages me and my team to strive and do well. My knowledge has improved my playing trivia games on the #fun channel. I am aware of a lot of things and it also gives me a break from work. 

Walk me through a day in the life of Nagashree 

My day starts at 07:00 a.m. I start my day with household chores and the preparation of meals. I wrap them up by 10:30 a.m. Then, I get on to my work. I am assigned new projects this month. So, I also study and brush up on my skills while working. I often take 5 mins pauses. I set myself away from Slack and groove to the music. My work ends at 07:30 p.m. Later in the day, I cook dinner and read books. 

As a QA intern, what motivates you and what has been your favourite project?

My motivation towards work is to detect bugs in the software. If my team and I don’t find any errors or bugs, we consider that a mistake. There is always scope for improvement and nothing is perfect. What motivates me, is the process of improving and testing software. I have worked on a lot of projects till now. I started my internship by working on Carbon collective and Drivyn. Later on, I started to work on Vybo. Currently, I am working on Plowz and Mowz and Reach Tenant. My favourite among all is Carbon Collective and Plowz.  

What were your learnings and Challenges?

I started my internship with no experience in QA. I was completely new to this field. Understanding Jira was a challenge. I couldn’t understand the interface. But, my team and buddy helped me understand it. My learning has been great. I am confident and responsible when I am assigned new tasks. The best part of working here is, the flexible work schedule and opportunities to grow. It helps to manage my time and prioritize work. Due to these benefits, I am able to learn and overcome my shortcomings. 

Sneak-Peek into your life outside Springworks!

I love reading books that I have already read. Harry Potter and The Twilight series always top my list. You can find me listening to K-pop and BlackPink during breaks and after work. Over the weekends, I go shopping xD. Currently, I stay in Bangalore, so I explore the city with my husband. I am not keen on travelling overseas but I would love to explore India. 

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